Photoshop: Coloring Tutorial #02: Bluewash + EXO-K/ChanYeol, MyungSoo, T.O.P iPhone Wallpapers

Back with another tutorial! ^^ And hi, yes, yes that’s one of the Gummy Bears Shoot A Naughty Moose boys. (If you listen to Mama, it sounds like that) LOL : D

 Say hi to cute kids, EXO-K. Okay I only know ChanYeol and EXO-KAI. Lol. This is a 1280 x 800px wallpaper ^^ Feel free to save!

CandySky Coloring Tutorial #02 

Calling this BlueWash becasue well… It emphasizes on a more bluish/purplish hue.  : )

More Samples

 320 x 480px iPhone wallpapers for you, featuring Infinite’s L, EXO-K’s ChanYeol and BIGBANG’s T.O.P!

TABI LOOKIN’ SO FIIIIINE! I want BIGBANG’s Extraordinary 20’s Photobook, but it will have to wait til I go to Seoul for vaca! Shipping costs too much because of the weight! Haha^^ 
480 x 320px iPhone WP – Infinite! : ) 
Yay, it’s done! ^^ Do share this tutorial with your friends, or leave a comment and share YOUR graphics with me : D Would love to see your creations! ^^ Thank you~~ Til the next tutorial! : D

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5 responses to “Photoshop: Coloring Tutorial #02: Bluewash + EXO-K/ChanYeol, MyungSoo, T.O.P iPhone Wallpapers”

  1. Kangraejae Avatar

    This was so helpful!:D
    Your tutorials are so cool and easy to follow ^^

    1. candysky Avatar

      Thank you so much ^^ I’m glad it’s helpful <3

  2. Jam Avatar

    Thank you so much for this! May I ask if what version of Photoshop you use? 🙂
    I’ve been wondering how to edit photos and good thing I stumbled to your blog. I’ll visit more often. I like your works too~! Is it possible for an Adobe noob like me to be an expert in this? Haha.

    1. candysky Avatar

      Hello Jam! You’re welcomeee~ : )
      I’m using Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Mac. I have the newer version installed, but I find that the CS3 is more stable to use and has less bugs, so I’m sticking to it ^^’
      Thank youuu, I’m glad you found my blog and like the stuff here^^’
      Everyone starts out as a noob, I did too! So you definitely can be good at Photoshop, just keep practicing and trying out tutorials. It’s good to also try out different styles and effects on your own. Keep experimenting^^

      If you have questions/need help, feel free to leave a comment ^-^
      Thank you again and please check back for future tutorials! : )

  3. Lynn Avatar

    Thanks a lot for your tutorials! they are so useful & easy to follow 🙂 i’ve just learnt how to use photoshop & have been finding out how to create this effect! but, can i ask what does selective color do to the pictures? because i’m using photoshop elements 10, and i don’t think i have selective color.. do you know what can i do to attain the same effect?

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