2012 07 28 Boyfriend at KCCPH’s HallyuFest 2012!

In celebration of their first year anniversary, the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines hosted “HallyuFest 2012” yesterday, July 28th at Centerstage, Mall of Asia. There were performances from cover group finalists vying for the chance to represent the Philippines at the 2012 KPop Cover Dance Festival to be held in September in Korea, as well as a look into the history of Koreanovelas in the Philippines. But the highlight of the event would be their special guest — Korean idol group Boyfriend!

The young and fresh (OMG IT SOUNDS SO PEDO) six-member group judged the Cover Dance contest, and later on serenaded their fans (whom they call Girlfriends, lol) with a couple of songs : D There was also a quick question and answer segment, as well as a chance for members of their fanclub to present them with gifts and cake for one of the boys who would soon be celebrating his birthday. ^^

I am going to be outright honest that I know zilch about these boys, but I do think they are charming : ) Haha ^^ Anyhow, I took photos for my Ate’s/unnie’s whom I know like Boyfriend. These are for you: Celine, Julie and Mirza unnie-deul! ^^


I hope you enjoyed the eyecandy! : )

Huge thank you to Ate EJ Bautista and all the staff of the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines. UKNOW I LOVE YOU & KCC :3 Congratulations on your first year anniversary! All of you have been working so hard, and you deserve the success and support from everyone! ^-^ 수고했어용~ 화이팅! ^^

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