You are currently viewing Spazz Post: BoA’s “Only One” comeback performance to feature TVXQ’s YunHo!

Spazz Post: BoA’s “Only One” comeback performance to feature TVXQ’s YunHo!

I rarely watch music shows these days, simply because none of the groups I like are promoting. BIGBANG and SHINHWA oppa-deul are long finished with their promotions, and TVXQ’s YunHo and ChangMin haven’t announced a comeback date yet which leaves me no reason to watch.

But oh, THE QUEEN IS BACK! And that completely changes everything. I now have something to look forward to each week!

BoA Kwon is returning with her 7th Album, Only One (which is now available for purchase on iTunes). *_*

It was earlier announced that she will be having a special comeback show, “BoA4354” to be aired on SBS this Saturday, July 28 at 12:05PM KST. BoA unnie has completed the filming for her comeback show yesterday, and huuu guess who’s one of her special guests?


/dances in gleeee

Like the good old days ~

I love love love love love how her hair is straight, parted in the middle; Just like before. This is sooooo reminiscent of her earlier days *_*  BoA unnie hasn’t aged at all. :3 Naturally beautiful and aaah~ I can’t help but spazz! Why is she so gorgeous? ;___;

She recently released the dance version of her comeback track, Only One! Flawless vocals, amazing dancing, nothing short of what I expected from the Queen~ AND OH, the couple dance part was so good!~~

And this is where Mr. Jung comes in!

For BoA’s comeback special, she and YunHo partnered together for the couple dance in Only One! Two great performers, aren’t you excited to watch that perf? I know I am! ^^

While there are cray kids going, “BoA stay away from my YunHo opparrr!!” I say, take a chill pill kids, because these two are very good friends : D And learn to appreciate great performances from these very talented artists instead of thinking of other things! You rarely see good stages from the new groups. So instead of mourning for your oppa, FOCUS ON THEIR PERFORMANCE^

While we’re waiting for BoA4354 to air on Saturday, please support BoA unnie through these links!

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