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Skincare Review: Missha Love Secret Hand Creams Cherry Blossom, Cotton White & Green Grape

I have a thing for hand creams, and I can’t leave home without one~ I’m also a sucker for cute packaging, and so when I spotted these at one of the Missha branches in Myeongdong (the one with the huge, in your face, come and get us YunHo and ChangMin billboard), I knew I had to buy the whole line!

MISSHA’s Love Secret Hand Cream: World City Tour Edition

In Korea, it is common for stores to have special packs of their products, targeting people who like buying things in bulk. I was in need of a new hand cream, and was only thinking of buying one, but ended up buying a whole pack of MISSHA’s Love Secret Hand Cream for around 14,000won.

They have had the Love Secret line for quite sometime already, but this year, they repackaged it with the theme of “World Cities”.

Say hi to Love Secret in Vienna (Cherry Blossom), in London (Cotton White) and in Rome (Green Grape)

Not included in this review are  Love Secret in Paris (Peony Rose), in Sydney (Lemon Grass), because I already gave them as ‘pasalubong’ to my Grandma and younger sister, Jadie. 

  • PRICE: 3,000won ($2.50 / PHP 110)  per tube
  • SIZE: 27ml

Love Secret in Vienna (Cherry Blossom)

“Makes your hands sleek and smooth with fresh cherry blossom scent.”

The first word that comes to mind every time I smell this is “zingy”. This cream smells a bit sharp at first, but once applied, it leaves your hands with a softer floral fragrance

Love Secret in London (Cotton White)

“Makes your hands soft and bright with mild cotton scent.”

TWO WORDS: BABY POWDER!   I don’t know how to explain it, but for some reason it has a milky, powdery smell to it~

Love Secret in Rome (Green Grape)

And this, is my favorite out of the bunch! 

“Makes your hands firm and lively with sweet and sour green grape scent.”

So maybe I like sweet, fruity scents, and this one definitely falls under that category. (Sour? Not at all!) It smells like the Korean white grape juice and candy that I love. It leaves your hands smelling sweet and and… yummy? Haha! 

I love the packaging! It’s sleek and slim, and can fit anywhere

I love how the formula isn’t that thick, but rather a bit watery. I leaves the skin smooth and velvety after application, unlike other hand creams that make your hands feel clammy and sticky.

Overall, I like…

  • The watery formula that’s easily absorbed by the skin, and leaves it soft, smooth and velvety~ I think it moisturizes really well too!
  • The slim packaging that makes it easy to carry around  It can easily fit your bag or purse.
  • The different scents! I love how it has different variants you can choose from. 
  • The price — it’s 3,000WON in Korea, about $2.50 or PHP 110! Affordable, right? 


  • It’s not available in the Philippines 
  • It only comes in 27ml tubes, which is handy, but I would also like a if it could come in a bigger size~

I love Missha’s Love Secret Hand Creams, and I would definitely be restocking  Here’s to hoping the local Missha stores can also make these available in the Philippines (at the same affordable price please?)!

So what is YOUR favorite hand cream or lotion?

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