TVXQ & JYJ’s Achievements Through the Years by CassPH

TVXQ & JYJ’s Achievements Through the Years by CassPH

I was trying to fix my graphics folder the other day, and found the Cassiopeia Philippines 9G folder. That folder alone occupies 21GB of my macbook’s hard drive!

I found the panel files mounted and showcased during CassPH‘s 9G: The Red Room Exhibit held last February 25 at Topshelf, Fully Booked in The Fort. I thought of making a web version^^

This contains Dong Bang Shin Gi’s achievements from debut until 2011. Facts and information were gathered by Cassiopeia Philippines core and trainees.

Thought I’d share this with those who were not able to attend the 9G, as well as TVXQ and JYJ fans who would like to know more about the boys^^

[issuu autoFlip=true width=620 height=400 embedBackground=%23ffffff backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120722052045-2692e76530364e728a4992f90f136b2e name=tvxq-achievements-by-cassph username=candysky tag=achievements unit=px v=2]



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6 responses to “TVXQ & JYJ’s Achievements Through the Years by CassPH”

  1. Ikyangie | 이컁 Avatar

    thank you for this! and props to CassPH! ♥

    1. candysky Avatar

      You’re welcome! ^^

  2. Bea Avatar

    thank you so much for this! I loved this part of the 9G exhibit! <3

    1. candysky Avatar

      You’re welcome! ^^ So happy you enjoyed this at the 9G!! ^-^

  3. yucheons Avatar

    i am a Malaysian cassie but I found out about cassph in 2009 if i’m not mistaken and forever amazed of u guys 🙂 Respect!

    1. candysky Avatar

      Thank you so much!^^ <3<3

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