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Random: 100 Questions

Back in high school and early uni, I used to copy TVXQ’s 100 Questions and answer them, just for fun. Also partly because I am not very good with introductions, and their 100 Questions were a good way to do that.

It’s 2012, and I thought of doing this again^^’ I never got to fix my about page, but hopefully this can cover for that! : D

01 Name: Michelle Angela
02 Birthdate: October 23 1989
03 Address: Metro Maniluh
04 Blood type: O
05 Sex: Female
06 Family: Dad, Mom, 3 younger sisters (Katie, Jadie and Cha), and younger brother Raffy
07 Religion: Roman Catholic
08 Personality: I’m more of an introvert ^^’ But once I’m comfortable around people, I also fool around a lot.
09 Dream: Travel a lot and have  a successful business haha
10 Specialties: Design, cooking & baking, nail art? :3
11 Hobbies: Reading novels and fanfiction, watching films and listening to music, writing, design, collecting nail polish and diaries!
12 My idol: Han HyoJoo
13 Celebrities that you like: TVXQ, BIGBANG, SHINee, Jay Chou, Shinhwa, Lee YeonHee, BoA, Johnny Depp, Ryan Phillippe
14 Favorite Flower: Tulips
15 I want to go out with this kind of person: Park YooChun or Han HyoJoo haha
16 Favorite Fruit: Apples and cherries
17 People you don’t like: Someone who would step on others just to get what they want.
18 Favorite reads: The classics :3 Fanfiction, and also recently A Song of Fire and Ice Series! ^^
19 What I recently worried about: BIGBANG Concert Tickets and JaeJoong’s reported fall from the 5th to 3rd floor while filming D:
20 Sleeping out: I never got this question, but um, my parents don’t usually mind as long as they know the friends I’ll be with.
21 Alcohol tolerance: High? Can someone drink with me one full night so I can test how my tolerance is holding up at this age?  LOL.
22 First love: Maybe grade school? Okay that was ~puppy~ love. I’m looking at high school, but maybe I was just confused.
23 Someone I respect: Parents, grandparents, Shinhwa
24 Sport I’m good at: When I was younger, it was track and field. But I don’t have any sport I’m good at now =/
25 Favorite songs these days: No Gain by Xiah JunSu, Feeling by BIGBANG

26 Number of blind dates you’ve gone on: NOT APPLICABLE. HAHA
27 When I look the best: When I get enough sleep!
28 Person I liked the best out of all the people I have gone out with: OTL again, N/A
29 Favorite number/s: 18 and 23
30 Prized Possessions: My family, JunSu our dog, and my GRIYUNJAE the Macbook.
31 Lowest ranking: What?
32 Favorite Movie: Okay, this is hard because I have a lot! Right off the top of ma head — The Classic and Foxfire
33 What I think when looking in the mirror: Mish, lose weight D:
34 Favorite colors: Mish color (lol the shade of teal/aqua that I use most!), gray, pastels
35 Good thing about myself: I’m patient and I’m… nice? Haha.
36 Bad thing about myself: I am easily affected, and can be sensitive;
37 Drinking habits: Only got drunk once, and my friends say I tend to babble about my secrets! OTL
38 People you miss the most right now: My late grandma and grandpa, my friends, TVXQ as 5
39 On a rainy day would you want to go outside and get wet? If I had nothing to do, that would be fun! But I’d also like to sleep. Rainy days – bed weather!
40 Things I cook well: Everything else except soup-based Filipino dishes. I need to learn how to cook those!
41 Something I want to do right now: Take a looooong bubble bath!
42 Foreign language I am good at: English? Haha. It’s my second language. Would love to get past Basic Korean, though!
43 Something I want to do with the person I love: Breakfast at a cafe in Garosugil, have lunch somewhere in Gangnam, take a stroll along the Han River while drinking :3
44 A present I want to give the person I love: A framed illustration of him?
45 Things I want: Right now? I want piece of mind! Haha. I want a new camera lens, and, maybe, a car.
46 If you met a boyfriend from the past: But I have never had one! HOHO
47 A present I want to receive from the person I love: Sincere love and honesty.
48 Phone greeting: Is this the message on the welcome screen? Haha. iPhone does not have this!
49 Ringtone: No Gain by Xiah JunSu
50 Caller rings: None right now ^^’

51 If you found 1 million dollars on the road: I’ll wait for someone to come back for it, if not… Take um, a part of it to fund for business and then the rest to church!
52 Habits: Fixing my bangs, biting my lips
53 Sleeping habits: Before I have to sleep with at least three pillows, now I can sleep even on the couch! Haha. As long as I have something to hug, I’m okay.
54 What I’m wearing as of now: Shorts and oversized shirt!
55 I want to die when: I am old enough, and have accomplished everything I want~
56 Something I want to do right now: Find out what YooChun is up to! Haha
57 Where I want surgery: Take all the fats away please! LOL
58 My charm: I’m dependable? If we’re friends, I will always stay by your side.
59 What people think of me: Not sure ><
60 Something I say a lot: WHATNOT!
61 What Im scared of: Insects and rodents =S Commuting and crossing the street
62 When I was most hurt: When I lost two of my grandparents…
63 When I feel the happiest: When I’m with friends and family, when the weather is good :3
64 What I do when Im scared: Try to think I’m not
65 When have you given chocolates to someone for valentines day: HS
66 What I do when Im stressed: Watch an old video / listen to music or read a book
67 What I like to eat when I drink: Chips? Regular food? Haha
68 What I do when I’m angry: Break pencils. (okay I know it’s weird!)
69 Things I can’t eat: Tuyo… Bagoong :3
70 Time I get to school: I no longer attend school ^^
71 Something I want to learn: Korean Language, and also French.
72 What I do when there is someone I dont like: I try my best to ignore them.
73 When I was the happiest in my life: When I got to watch TVXQ’s Seoul Encore Concert on 2006 10 16 with my Dad and unnies!
74 What I think of money: I need to work hard for it.
75 If the person you love ended up loving someone else: What else can I do? Try my best to let go and move on.

76 Most recent time I cried: This afternoon T_T
77 Sunshine or Moonlight: Both.
78 First kiss: N/A.
79 If someone I broke up with wanted to get back: Call me maybe? HAHA
80 Favorite person of a different race I like: Queen Elizabeth II!
81 My most favorite thing I own: GRIYUNJAE the Macbook, 6002theMicky iPhone4 and ChangMin d60.
82 How long I can wait for someone: It depends. Maybe two?
83 When I was most disappointed: When a promise I held on to was not kept.
84 Your monthly allowance: I’m not sure now =/
85 Favorite animals: Cats and dogs! I also find lions and tigers really amazing :3
86 Favorite Season: Autumn : )
87 Most memorable date: Noooone.
88 What I look at when I look at someone of the other gender: Eyes and hands.
89 What would you do if you became invisible: Jetset and tour around the world. LOL
90 Nicknames: Mish, Mica, Mishie
92 Love is: PAIN! (GD says so!) To be honest, I don’t know how to define it yet.
91 Singer you think is the best singing live: Xiah JunSu.
92 What I do when I first wake up: Check my phone!
93 What you do when you first get online: Check Twitter
94 What do you want to say to people reading this: Thank you for reaching this part! : ))
95 What you do when you can’t fall asleep: Read, and drink.
96 What do you think you were in your past life: Someone who lived during the Renaissance period, or the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines; Haha
97 If you were to be born again: CAN I BE ANYONE FROM BIGBANG OR TVXQ? Or Han HyoJoo!
98 What are you going to do after you finish this: Post it and go to sleep!
99 How honest were you: Very!
100 Last thing you want to say: WOOT! 100 QUESTIONS 2012 DONE! Haha

That was fun! ^^ Although it took me like two hours to answer! Haha~

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