How to Go to YooChun’s Timeout Gelato

UPDATE: Unfortunately, as of APRIL 25TH, 2013, YOOCHUN’S TIMEOUT GELATO has been closed.

Guess who’s back with another How to guide~ 😀

This time, it’s a guide on How to Go to YooChunnie’s gelato bar, TIMEOUT GELATO! *throws confetti*

I have actually made one a couple of years back, for Pao unnie and posted it on Tumblr. ^^ But I wanted to go with the theme I have started for the Bum’s Story guide, and so I made a new one ^-^

I’m not sure how many times I have gone to Timeout Gelato during my visits to Seoul, but I always make it a point to try and go at least once or more in a day (if I cannn). That mission will never change! ^^

Here are a couple of photos taken at Timeout during my recent visit~ : )

:3 For every cup you buy, there’s a free chunface sticker ~

Official Timeout Gelato Merchandise 2012! : )

Some of the flavors available on that day : D Green Apple Yogurt is one of my favorites, apart from the eternal Greek Yogurt!

 The pricelist : D Friends say it’s expensive / pricey, but like I’ve always said, it’s worth it! Haha ^^

 This corkboard used to hold notes and letters from fans, but now it’s filled with instax film : 3 Good thing I brought mine! ^^

I do hope this guide can be of use to everyone! ^-^ Print a copy, save it on your phone or tablet : 3 And have a great day at Chun’s Timeout Gelato!

For more on Timeout Gelato, check out this entry: [2010 SEOUL] TIMEOUT GELATO: 1/5 – 2010 10 21

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13 responses to “How to Go to YooChun’s Timeout Gelato”

  1. Leia ♥Jaejoongist♥ Avatar

    Thank you, I translated it in french ^^

    1. Mish Avatar

      You’re welcome~~ And hehe that’s great! ^-^
      If its okay can you link me to your translation? ^^
      Thank you~~

    2. candysky Avatar

      You’re welcome~~ And hehe that’s great! ^-^
      If its okay can you link me to your translation? ^^
      Thank you~~

      1. Leia ♥Jaejoongist♥ Avatar
        1. candysky Avatar

          ^^ Thank you~ 🙂 I’ll edit this in the post ^^

  2. Leia ♥Jaejoongist♥ Avatar

    Thank you, I translated it in french !!

  3. anna Avatar

    thank u for your info… if i come to Korea… surely ..i want to go to Time out gelato…

    1. candysky Avatar

      You’re welcome ^^ I do hope you get to visit Korea and try out YooChun’s gelato 🙂

  4. holly Avatar

    Can I borrow this article to write my homework? thanks

    1. candysky Avatar

      Yes it’s okay. Just please make sure to give credit 🙂

  5. Yassi Guerrero Avatar

    I´m going to travel in the summer to Seoul, and I have a question… where is the departure point? Any station?

    1. candysky Avatar

      Yes, any station ^^ Just make sure to transfer to the Orange Line and get off at the Apgujeong Station 🙂

      Have fun in Seoul! ^^

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