You are currently viewing Thursday Three: 90’s MVs from Céline Dion, Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys

Thursday Three: 90’s MVs from Céline Dion, Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys

Hello~ Welcome to the second edition of Thursday Three! : D For this week, it’s all about 90’s videos that I really liked when I was young, MVs that remind me of my childhood.

I loved watching these music videos on MTV, even to a point that I sent a request to MTV Most Wanted! (Yes guys, I made a request, with glitters, sequins and all that sparkle lol)

Let the reminiscing begin… (HAHA)

01 It’s All Coming Back to Me Now – Céline Dion

“I can barely recall but it’s all coming back to me now”

I waited for this everyday on MTV. And watched it so early in the morning before my school service fetched me. I loved the song so much, and oh the video! So dramatic, but I loved the whole concept. The flashing of lights aka fake lightnightning, plus Celine Dion running through that corridor lined with candles. It was beautiful :3


02 They Don’t Care About Us – Michael Jackson

“Beat me, hate me
You can never break me”

The first time I saw this video (the Prison Version), I was seven. I remember it becoming my favorite Michael Jackson song, and every time it would play, I would get goosebumps; To be honest it still has that effect on me until now. This song is fucking epic :3 I can’t express it properly.

I just find both the song and the music video so moving. The second version shot in Brasil. Now that one was spot on;

And of course, oh, Michael! I’m proud to have grown up listening to his music. He is an inspiration, and his music will forever be life-changing.

All I Have to Give – Backstreet Boys

“Does he leave, when you need him the most? Does his friends get all your time?”

BSB, the root of it all! Haha :3 I guess you can call them my “first fandom”. How old was I then? SE7EN? EIGHT? HAHA! I crushed on Nick Carter so much, hello, hot hair. His hairstyle was the fad back then! This isn’t the best BSB MV, but it is my favorite~

That was quick, right? :3  I missed watching these! Hello, nostalgia! They bring back such warm memories of my childhood~ How about you guys? What are three MVs that remind you of your childhood? : D