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Wednesday Wallies: CandySkyCity + CandyPeaks

Halo~ How are you guys doing? :3 I hope you’re okay despite the heavy rains!^^

I got cooped up at home because of it yesterday, and in the midst of doing stuff, I realized I badly needed to practice illustration! And what better way to do that than to make wallpapers and share it with everyone weekly? : D I get to practice, and at the same time provide desktop candies for you! Awesome, right? ^^


  • SIZE: 1280 x 800px
  • (Click to enlarge & then Save As!)


  • SIZE: 1280 x 800px
  • (Click to enlarge & then Save As!)
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I made use of some of my favorite colors to help me work better; My muse has been evading me lately, and I have been in a bit of a design slump for a while now : ( Hopefully, with this I can regain it so I can work on more designs : D

I hope you liked these! Feel free to use them, and do share this link with yo furrends! : D

Til next week, candyloves! ^^

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