YooChun: Frames of Life on Elle Korea

I love Korean & Japanese magazines ^^ Okay you’ll say it’s because one of my favorite boys/girls are probably featured, that’s one thing. Haha!   There’s something about their aesthetics that I really like ^^There are many wonderful Korean fashion magazines, but for today, I’ll be sharing about Elle Korea‘s feature on YooChun. ^^ Armelle unnie recently went to Seoul and scourged newsstands to get this for us! Thank you unnir!^-^

Back to Elle Korea~! In the past they’ve done spreads featuring JaeJoong (March 2011) and JYJ (December 2011). I love the concepts to both shoots, and to be honest, I think Elle’s female photographers capture the boys so well~

Elle’s shoots always make me go damnnn~ It’s the same for their feature on YooChunnie!~

ELLE KOREA - Park YooChun

 This month, their issue’s main theme is Sexy Summer Nights I have mad love for the cover;;;

ELLE KOREA - Park YooChun

 There goes the exclusive on Park YooChun!

ELLE KOREA - Park YooChun

Frames of Life, shot in Bali, Indonesia.

ELLE KOREA - Park YooChun

 HNGGG YOOCHUN I love everything about this shot. Please lordddd make it rain Park YooChuns!!! I love this hairstyle on him. And the sunglasses. I think that’s a Chunface signature! Haha.

ELLE KOREA - Park YooChun

Dear, dear. This spread. OMFG I LMAO-ED SO HARD! Let’s admit it, YooChun has an ab. Without the S, because it’s the sole one on there. Haha. But huu these shots just show me DorkChun Some things never change, really.

ELLE KOREA - Park YooChun

 Wonder how many shots this took!

ELLE KOREA - Park YooChun

The lighting in this photo. OMFG. YooChun’s smile. YooChun’s adam’s apple! YooChun’s forehead!

YOOCHUN’S EVERYTHING! /end of mad spazzing

ELLE KOREA - Park YooChun

 This guy. Park YooChun; He has so many different sides to him, but this one, this look would be my favorite;

I didn’t post photos of all the spreads. You have probably seen scans of it on the net, but oh, it looks so much better in print. If you can, purchase a copy of Elle Korea!

Watch the behind the scenes of Frames of Life here:

 How did you like that? I hope they do one on JunSu soon!

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2 responses to “YooChun: Frames of Life on Elle Korea”

  1. Krys Avatar

    I think another reason why I love Asian magazines are how terribly heavy they are. Of course, really bad for my luggage weights and then there’s the extra ads factor to toss in, but generally, i appreciate the extra picture goodness (:

    1. candysky Avatar

      True! :)) I love it even though lugging them around makes me feel like my arms are about to fall off! Haha. There’s always so much to look at in one issue, and that makes it worth it ~ ^^
      Thanks for commenting~~

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