You are currently viewing Pond’s Webenovela Face My Love Episodes 1 & 2!

Pond’s Webenovela Face My Love Episodes 1 & 2!

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Ponds Philippines recently launched their Korean drama-inspired webenovela, Face My Love!

The first episode introduced us to the three main characters, Kim Samson, and new students Dara Park and Lee Park. Kim Samson is a quirky K-pop fangirl who falls for the handsome new student and soccer player, Lee Park. But upon seeing him with the most beautiful girl in school, Dara, Kim wishes she could be in her place! *_*

To find out what happens, watch the first episode of Face My Love: The Switch here:

Face My Love’s second episode, To Lee or Not to Lee has also been released last week!

In this episode, Kim & Dara try to work around their weird situation. Pretty Dara also teaches the clueless Kim how to take care of her skin! Also, get ready for cheese and cuteness as the LEEgawan commences!

What happens when one girl’s wish becomes another girl’s nightmare? Watch the 2nd episode of Face My Love to see how Kim, Dara and Lee try to balance love and friendship in this super cute, koreanovela-inspired comedy of errors. 

For me, the 2nd Episode’s highlight would be when Dara teaches Kim how to care for her skin :3 I know many of us gets tired and lazy to do this after a long day in school or at work, but it’s very important!

Dara’s two advices to Kim:

  • Do NOT use regular soap for your face. Using regular soap can dry your skin!
  • Use a facial wash that’s suitable for your skin type. In this case, Dara recommends using Pond’s Clear Solutions Facial Wash with Active Clay :3
That’s really easy to remember, yeah? Make it a habit! It’s also better to bring your facial wash with you, so you can clean your face anytime you need to ^^
Wonder how that basic advice from Dara can help Kim! ^^ Watch out for the next and last episode of Face My Love! : )
Pond’s posted a preview of the 3rd Episode on their facebook page! How do you think this story will end~? : D

The lovable cast of Face My Love are on Twitter! : )

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