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Multiple desktops + BigBang & TVXQ Wallpapers :)

Allow me to spazz over the multiple desktop feature that OS X Lion has. Haha~ It was only recently that I got to upgrade, and this is probably the feature that I like best : D Since upgrading, I’ve been trying to organize my desktop and my files… But so far the only thing I really got to do is make a couple of icons here and there. >< I need to make more time for this, really!

Here’s a peek into my baby G-RI/YunJae’s desktops^^ (I’ve also uploaded the wallpapers I used, so save them up and use them if you’d like ^^)

WP▶ BigBang’s SeungRi & G-Dragon  (SAVE» 1280 x 800px)

WP▶ TVXQ&JYJ’s Micky Park YooChun  (SAVE» 1280 x 800px)

WP▶ TVXQ (SAVE» 1280 x 800px)

WP▶ TVXQ (SAVE» 1280 x 800px)

WP▶ BigBang (SAVE» 1280 x 800px)

Having multiple desktops has been very convenient. I’m the type to have a lot of apps and windows running at the same time, especially when I’m working on something.  ^^ With this you can easily distribute your windows and switch to the next desktop. It’s very convenient~ So far my only problem is that my trackpad still isn’t working, so I am not able to make use of most of the features since the update. I have to rely on the keyboard shortcuts ㅠㅠ

Anyway, that’s it for now~ I haven’t been making a lot of graphics lately. Just maybe icons for my twitter accounts and such. (The most recent one I made was the Map on How to Go to JaeJoong’s Bum’s Story! Haha). The icons I use, I sometimes turn them into Mac Icons, and use them, just like what you see on my desktop : D

I’m thinking of making Mac Icon sets for sharing~~ I really want to start making more stuff again*_* I hope I can do that soon ^-^ Do keep checking back and have a great day : D

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