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I’ve never seen myself as a touchy person. Just normal, I guess.

But ah, it just dawned on me how much I crave for that kind of affection (not necessarily romantic; ). Like, whenever I do get to hug anyone, a friend or a family member, I always feel a lump in my throat, always feel my eyes stinging, always feel my heart bursting.

Hugs are soothing, comforting and idk, it makes me feel like everything will turn out just fine even when things seem to be crumbling to the pieces.

Hugs are a luxury for me. I don’t get it often. But I would like it more than words. Hugs would really make me happy. (Good lord, I sound like a kid, but really, I feel this way)

If I do get children of my own in the future, I’d make sure to hug them every chance I get. I know I won’t be very good with words, at times my temper and emotions get the better of me. So an embrace it will be.

Such a random entry I know~~~ But the gloomy weather has got me all emotional, somewhat. : ))

Anyway, hugs can do people wonders. Don’t forget.

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