Favorite: Ottugi’s Cheese Bokki!

Hi! How have you guys been?  I just came back from vacation! (Okay maybe not “just came back” because it has been a week but… lol) Anyway, I felt like writing about one of my favorite Korean snacks, the Cheese Bokki! I have a long, long list of favorite Korean food / snacks (will probably make an entry for that soon), but this one takes the top! 

So….. Cheese Bokki? WTH is that? It’s cheese-flavored ramyeon/noodles!  Okay I know it sounds weird, but it’s really, really good! Katie and I first had Cheese Bokki during our 2010 Seoul trip. There was a convenience store at the Hongik Station underground, and before we took the elevator to our hostel, we stopped by to buy food we could try out and snack on while watching the latest SungKyunKwan Scandal episode.

Katie was looking through the ramyeon isle, and amongst all the spicy ramyeon bowls, there was one that had CHEESE. CHEESE X RAMYEON? We just had to try it out! Being lovers of anything cheesy, Katie and I bought it and huuuurrr the rest is history. 

More under ze cuuuuut~~ 

Cheese Bokki comes in two sizes, a 95g bowl and a 55g cup ~ The bigger one is good for sharing, unless you’re really hungry! Haha.  The one in the photo is the Cheese Bokki cup! 

I didn’t get to take a photo of it, but there’s one packet of cheese powder included. 

Pour boiling water –there isn’t a line indicator or anything, so just make sure you don’t fill it up too high and leave like an inch or smth. This will make it easier for later~ (Also the cup is made out of paper, and DOES NOT have grills, like the Yakisoba cups we’re used to here. So you can get burnt)

Leave it for four minutes! 

Time to drain the water out~ Make holes where it says 콕콕콕콕~ “kkok kkok kkok kkok” is supposed to be a popping sound~

Tadaaaa All drained

Here’s our cheese power

Make sure to pour and mix it in while the noodles’ still hot. That will help in melting the cheese completely ~~

You gotta do that because I didn’t get to last night — I WAS TOO BUSY SLICING SAUSAGES! 

LOL that of course, I added in after  Cheese Bokki doesn’t have like veggies or meat or anything extra. It’s just plain, creamy, cheesy goodness~ It’s good alone as it is, but if you want a more filling snack, you can add sausages (like what I did), spam, fries (not kiddiiing, it tastes super good!), chicken popcorn, anything/everything else to your liking.  Haha I’ve asked most of my friends to taste it, and all of them have liked it so far 

Cheese Bokki is available in local Korean groceries, most of them sell it for  the original prices – 55g cup is 850won, which is PHP 32 and the 95g bowl is around 1,500won or PHP 56~ (This may differ depending on the grocery) Recently, local supermarkets have also started carrying them (Rustan’s / SM Supermarkets), although a bit pricier  So if there is a Korean grocery near you, get Cheese Bokki! 

Go go go try it out  and let me know what you think 


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