Singing my blues

And I kept asking myself, where should I start? I feel like I have forgotten how it is to blog. ㅠㅠ So many things have happened / are happening, that really should be recorded and written down~ ^^’ So many memories that I would love to look back on in the future. Ah~

BigBang has finally released their comeback mini album, “ALIVE”! And the quote on the photo above is a line from one of the title tracks, “BLUE”. I am seriously in love with this mini album, especially with this track. The song is…refreshing. The first time I listened to it, it gave me that liberating feeling. Like it’s finally time to let go of all the sadness and negativity, let all of those be washed away… The lyrics are in that line as well, and oh, the melody is so, so, suited for it.


Damn lucky VIPs who will get to watch this performed this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday! It’s BIG SHOW 2012 kids! And I can’t believe I’ll be missing it again! ㅠ Oh well. I guess it isn’t high time for me to meet the boys~ 헐;

While I have no luck in the fangirling department (aka SHINHWA and BIGBANG concerts), I shall focus on getting my life back on the right path. As of now I have a couple of options to think through. I have to make a decision, and be prepare myself for it. While there is still time, I’m going to focus on the CandySkyShop, which by the way finally has its own domain!

I really want to give more time for it, but the past weeks have been devoted to Cassiopeia Philippines9th Gathering: The Red Room Exhibit! It was held last Saturday, February 25th at Topshelf, Fully Booked, High Street in the Fort~ Now that it’s finally over, I’m going to try my best working on the shop ^^’ Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping things get better for my baby!

Today I have several errands to run – go to LBC to send and pick-up money, and then to FedEx to have packages shipped. I need to go grocery shopping for my trip with the Go Sisters as well, plus do errands for my Mom.

For some reason time has been quick. There are rarely slow days for me, and I kind of wish that wasn’t the case.

I have been wishing I could just lay down on the grass, and watch the clouds in the sky as they float by. Seriously. I guess everything has become too hectic and fast-paced, that my system has been searching for some sort of tranquility. I hope I find it soon.

Here’s to a great day for everyone!



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