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I checked my phone and couldn’t believe we’ve already passed ten days of 2012! What is quick! I told myself I would love this blog more, and write every day, but I guess I got too caught up again and forgot.

Yes, I forgot. I easily forget a lot of things–like what I did, or wore yesterday, or the things I said. Stuff like that. That’s why when I was younger, I used to write everything down, because I wanted to remember every little detail, so I will have something to look back on when the time comes. (I love reading my old diaries, my old journal entries, and remembering what I used to do before).

But because I have lost that habit, it will be so much harder to recall moments and memories, both good and bad. I have failed to write about my trips while they were still recent… Failed to write about my daily/random adventures with my friends back in college… I’ve lost the chance to capture years of memories and put them in writing. This, I really feel regretful about.

So from now on, no matter how lazy I can get, I will write and blog about my days! This shall be one of my goals this year! ^^’

Actually, I have some major-goal setting to finish. I started yesterday, but I will be continuing today! Wish me luck~

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!



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