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Thank you 2011! Hello 2012!

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In the middle of preparing Media Noche, I suddenly remembered I need to write a little something before the clock strikes 12:00^^’

I haven’t been the most frequent blogger this past year, but nevertheless I’m grateful for everyone who’s paid a visit and read my entries.

2011 brought about a lot of changes in my life, both good and bad. I made a lot of memories that brought me so much laughter and also quite a fair number that pushed me to tears. Even so, I’m thankful and happy for everything.

2011, you were bittersweet, but I will look back with a smile and turn to the future with much strength and positivity! ^^

Thank you to everyone who’s been by my side althroughout this past year^^ looking forward to a wonderful 2012 for all of us!


Love, Mish

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