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22 Years

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Sometimes, really, isn’t time amazing? So swift, and sly, you barely notice it. More often than not I find that it breezes past me too quickly, that l have come to lag behind more and more.

22. I am actually twenty-two years of age, and yet I don’t feel it.

Is that a good or a bad thing? >< LOL

Anyway. I spent my first hour watching TVXQ’s Banjun Dramas and drinking the last half a bottle of soju left in the fridge. I know it might look bad —  but I find comfort in these. (Don’t worry, I am not an alcoholic, I drink moderately [lol] and I have high tolerance for alcohol so, no, I did not get drunk etc etc). Soju reminds me of late nights spent writing stories back in high school, for some reason, I have always seemed to write better whilst drinking. It’s the same for when doing art or design work. I don’t know if it’s something I’ve conditioned myself to being, but it’s been that way since my early teen years^^’

And TVXQ — what can I say?  A third of my life.  Haha. Inspiration, and motivation. They make me happy when nothing else can. Also watching this DVD brought back so many memories! Spending recess and lunch breaks finishing my homework so that I wouldn’t have anything else to do by the time I get home. And then lol going online, saving every photo of TVXQ, and replying to every news thread on IN:COM / Forever / BM and  Heaven. Golden days of my fandom life, to be honest. Haha. And well, that was when I started designing a lot too. ^^’

My title is quite misleading, no?

I don’t really have any plans of recapping my 22 years. I have a long list of regrets, but I know I have quite a long list of things to be happy about and be thankful for as well.

For now I guess I still need to continue working hard to reach my goals. Life hasn’t exactly been at its best, but I have to keep trying, right? Haha^^’

(I didn’t exactly get to celebrate my birthday properly, but oh well. There will be other days~)

It’s up to here for now 🙂

Thank you to everyone who greeted me today! On facebook/ sms / twitter. I love you guys!

<3 Mish


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