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Hi, hello!

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Why, hello there!

It’s been over a month, AGAIN. I don’t know what happened to updating at least twice or thrice a week, I think that resolution decided to go hiking. Haha ^^’

I didn’t mean to neglect this at all, it’s just that real life has taken over, I have been very busy, and Twitter was the easiest to update.

It’s late in the evening and I realized how much I have missed CandySky, and just blogging/writing/typing my thoughts away! I barely have time to sit down and do that now… Maybe in the next couple of weeks. : D

So I’ll just make a list of things I guess, before I end up forgetting them! Hee~

01 I CAN RIDE THE BUS NOW! Okay well, it’s just the Fort bus. I ride it to KCC every morning, after I get dropped off to Market Market, and sometimes, I ride it going back. It is, the only bus route I know and the only bus I can ride confidently. LOL. I have always relied on cabs, but since cab fare costs like PHP150 to KCC, compared to the PHP12 bus fare, and I am a totally poor intern, I have to take the bus. It’s been fun so far : )))

02 I broke my ChangMin the d60’s flash ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I don’t really know what to do — where do I take it to have it fixed? =/

03 My head hurts right now. LOL

04 I have become a Block B fan. Thanks to dongsaengs, and of course the irresistible Block B kids. I shall blog about this separately. (Actually I already ended up typing…but it’s some long blabbing about Block B, so here, have some Zico)

^ I MEAN GOOD LORD WHAT FINE LIPS THIS KID HAZ. And perfect eyeliner too! I give you/stylist noona an A!

05 Last week, Linh, Darel and I went to UR for a meeting. Universal Records Philippines is releasing Tohoshinki’s TONE album! And Cassiopeia Philippines is of course working with UR for the launch ^-^ I had soooo much fun at the meeting. Thank you, Sir Peter! Cassiopeia, look forward to the TONE ALBUM LAUNCH ~

06 FINALLY. Got to drop by Missha Philippines! Linh and I went there after the meeting at UR. Linh is from down South, Alabang/Laguna area. And I live in Taguig which is also far from the North. Since we were nearby, and we don’t really go to the North often, we ended up going to Missha! I didn’t really plan on buying anything — But I ended up with a haul. That I will def blog about. I bought new nailies — Missha’s nailcolors are always soooo nice, with really good consistency too. The last time I got to buy was during our Seoul trip a year ago. So I definitely just couldn’t stop myself from buying when I saw the new stocks! My pocket was crying after! Haha ^^’

07 Life at KCC has been nothing but interesting and busy. I can’t even count the events we’ve had in a span of one month! *_* It’s crazyyyy! So tiring, but definitely enjoyable. Haha. 2nd Term of classes has begun! I didn’t enroll for any class anymore, because I don’t really have as much free time. *_* Right now my assigned project is to do the IDs for the staff and students, which number to about 300-350. HAHA. Good luck to me!~ (So far I’ve finished visitor IDs..)

But I got about 300 names and photos to encode and scan. I will work hard! :))

08 After all of these I really just want to rest. : ) I am tired, tired, tired. But even if I feel like that I still get up each day and push myself. I want to accomplish the things I need to accomplish and then maybe then get some well-deserved rest~ Wish me luck!

For now I shall go to bed!


This was taken like almost 3 years ago. ROFL. My only brother, Albert Rafael. Ate loves you so much, you have to know that! Everyday I am thankful that God gave you to us! I love you, and continue being the kind, thoughtful and patient brother that you are. I’m always here for you. Always! Again, happy 12th! *hugs*

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