August is ending, and Christmas season is coming up in a few days (In the Philippines, Christmas season begins on September 1st :D). How fast can time be? I can remember starting August, and now it’s about to come to a close? Ah~

Also, this month on the 18th, I started my internship at the Philippine Korean Cultural Center. It’s located at the Fort, and is very accessible for me. ^^’ It’s been both fun and busy this past week. I’m a design intern, but I stay at the library during my shift (8:30-12:30PM), so do drop by if you have time! The KCC Library is open on weekdays, til 5:00PM 😀

Actually, the Library and Research Coordinator is Ayisse unnie (owner of LoveStyleFree). But she’s migrating to LA (her flight was a couple of hours ago ;_; ) and so they looked for a new librarian. He won’t be starting til September 4th, so I’ll be manning the Library alone in the mornings for now. (Ayisse unnie, I really am going to miss you!)

Anyways, even though my shift is only until lunch time, I end up staying longer.

  • Because Ayisse unnie’s there. (Even before my internship, I used to go to the library a lot, because it’s near my house, and bc unnie’s there! But now…huhu ;_; Woman, I miss you alr!!!!!)
  • I love hanging out at the KCC Library. There are so many books and magazines to browse through — you’ll never get bored.
  • CDs! And DVDs! There are tons as well. It’s fun looking through them, also arranging them. HAHA.
  • Sometimes there are stuff I need to finish ^^’
  • This past week there were trailers to upload, a presscon and performance and a design deadline to meet~
1 week down! : ))
It’s quite busy there, to be honest. But I am glad because my sunbaes are very nice and fun to be with. I might be slow on the jokes (OTL) but still, it’s really fun working there ^^’
On Friday I had to take a couple of photos for the brochure I was working on~
Part of the Exhibition Hall 🙂
In this photo you can see the door to the Culture Hall~ Super nice, right? : ) Also the Jeju Display! Please vote for Jeju Island as part of the New 7 Wonders~
Probably everyone’s favorite wall. HAHA : ) Display of KPOP CDs and the large LCD screen. Yesterday new HD videos came in. So omfg man, KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN IN HD. OTL
Weeks back Ayisse unnie showed me how she arranged the CDs in the library so it’ll be showing HoMin and ChunJaeSu together. LOL. So now every time I need to fix the display on the shelf, I make sure the HoMin and JCS CDs are next to one another. LOL.
I didn’t really get to take a lot of photos. But I will next week~~ Everyone, please make sure to drop by the Korean Cultural Center!
: D (We’ll be closed on August 29 & 30 though~) Visit with your friends!
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