2011 07 04: KCC + Magazines + Afternoon with brother

Last month I spent this rainy Monday to visit the KCC, which at that time was still in the works~ Together with Meg unnie, we went to see the place and also Ayisse unnie who works there ^^ She showed us some of the Korean magazines that just got in~

The KCC’s Exhibit Hall – still under construction~

😀 From Hedwiggg~ Hai Jaewook oppa! The other half with Dongwan oppa’s photo won’t upload ;_; I think the photo got corrupted or smth </3

Tons more photos ~

And of course! Mozart~

HIHI blonde JunSu~

A graphic that Ayisse unnie made : ) This must be the sample, because a bigger one is on display at the KCC’s Exhibit Hall ^^

 And another shot from the musical magazine : D Tears of Heaven this time?~~

They also have the /very/ expensive Heaven’s Postman DVD. Def one of my favorite movies! Gorgeous, gorgeous pair, you have to admit!

I didn’t get to take photos with Meg and Ayisse unnie, because we had to leave after. I went to my Raffy’s school to fetch him, and then we went to Shangri-La to wait for our parents ^^ We roamed around and got to the 6th floor.

And saw this —-

TVXQ’s Kiss the Baby Sky MV playing o_o

Because of this I ended up pulling Raffy to the restaurant and actually ordering. /FACEPALMS

Me x one and only brother : ))

I think I got milktea lol

And omurice~

After that we transfered to Starbucks and waited for like, two, three more hours @_@

My then newly-bought iPhone 4 (named 6002theMicky) and my old iPhone 3G (SoulFighter)

Pretty boy~

Actually, this entry’s been on draft for over a month now >< So anyway, posting and sharing the photos ^^

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