GEO Super Nudy Gray: My Favorite Pair of Circle Lenses

Good morning! Haha writing in the wee hours of the morning again, because I can’t sleep @_@ LOL.

Anyway, this time it’s about my favorite pair of circle lenses. : D

I started wearing circle lenses back in 2007, and I throughout the past couple of years, I have tried and used a lot of them. There is this one pair that I always had to have — it’s Geo’s Super Nudy Gray  (or at times just a Nudy Gray pair is ok~^^)! I have always been fond of both black and gray circle lenses, but this is what I often wear daily.

  • Geo Super Nudy Gray
  • Enlargement: 10/10
  • Color/Design: 10/10
  • Comfort: 9/10
  • Overall: 9.5/10

Like other circle lenses, it has an enlarging effect, being 14.8mm in diameter. But despite this, the outcome is not striking at all, and it blends well with my eyes. I have always felt comfortable wearing this particular pair~ ^^

What I love about this is that it can go well with any outfit, or with any make-up. It comes out nicely in flash photography too~

*_* This pair will always, always be a must-have for me ^^’ (Also love other colors in the Nudy/Super Nudy linee~~)
Old photo + how the lenses look in daylight~

The pair I have now is the one I bought from my trip to Bangkok back in April this year. I have always had bad luck when it comes to lenses in a sense that I always end up tearing them =_= So often times I have to keep getting new pairs, or making sure have two pairs of something, just in case. *_*

I had about 15-18 different pairs of circle lenses at one time, but one by one……. They kept getting torn /facepalms. Now I have 3 pairs of black circle lenses, a pair of twins aqua lenses, a pair of Super Nudy Gray, Aqua and Brown, a pair of Tear Blues and two pairs of Bescon Tutti Grays. I’m looking forward to trying out other designs though, but yeah, more often than not it’s my Super Nudy Grays that I use : D

Hopefully I can do reviews for the pairs that I have now ^^ In the mean time~ This will be all ㅋㅋㅋ

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