Matte Nails & Etude House Haul

Hi~~~ Sorry, I seem to be updating at the most random hours of day! It’s just that my body clock still hasn’t gone back to normal. =/ Partly because I stayed in bed and slept all day yesterday because I woke up to a slight fever >< Anyways, updatinggg~~

Last week, a new branch of Etude House opened at Market! Market! I’ve always loved their products since I got to try out some of them back in 2007, during my first trip to Korea^^ And ah, was really happy that there is finally a branch near our place, because their other locations aren’t as accessible to us.  I was able to go during the day that it opened, so they still had stocks of the stuff I was looking for  : D

I bought new nailies! These aren’t much of a ~haul~ I know, but hehe still happy ^^

I bought:

  • Petit Darling Nails Matte Real Nail Top Coat – PHP 198.00
  • Petit Darling Nails Matte in #7 Lemon Cheese (okay weird name right lol) – PHP 98.00
  • Petit Darling Nails Matte in #8 Mint Cookie – PHP 98.00
  • Petit Darling Nails Base Coat – PHP 48.00 (Katie and I really love their base coat^^ ㅋㅋㅋ)
  • Petit Darling Nails WH706 Black- PHP 48.00

Matte Real has got to be my favorite right now *_*

I was srsly happy they had it in stock! I’ve been wanting to buy this for a while now, but the other branches I have been to so far don’t have it. I love, love how it dries to quickly and has that really niiiiice velvety finish. I’ve had this ~fetish~ for matte stuff and gah it’s so hard to find matte nail polish around here = / So hehe, this is a really, really good purchase.

Also, as always its brush applies quite well! Bottle and packaging looks nice too ^^ It costs a little less than PHP 200, and totally worth it. Katie and I will most likely be buying a bottle or two more to keep in stock~ ^^

Lemon Cheese & Mint Cookie!

I haven’t really gotten around to trying these out! Haha. It was when I got home that I realized I probably shouldn’t have bought them, because I already bought a matte top coat. Haha ^^” Oh well~ Katie and I might include these in one of our upcoming giveaways, so watch out for updates about that 😀

Matte Black + Aqua Nails

Because I couldn’t sleep, I ended up doing my nails instead! Also, I have strong-ass love for JaeJoong’s Matte Black Audi R8:

(Okay okay, I just really wanted to put this sexy car up there… HAHA)

Seriously now~ I wanted Matte Black nails, but since I want color too, I thought of putting on aqua polish as well ^^

For this I used:

  • Matte Real Nail Top Coat
  • Etude House Beauty Darling Nails Base Coat
  • Etude House Beauty Darling Nails WH706 Black
  • Splassh Aqua – RM 8.90 (I bought this at Sasa during our KL trip last year ^^”)

Right hand!

I didn’t really get to take photos step by step OTL But hehe here are photos of both hands. I got to lazy to use nail tape, so the lines aren’t that straight at all ^^’ Used a dotting tool for the polka dots, though~ My right forefinger is so short = ( I had to trim it because it broke the other day. I really don’t like short nails so I didn’t trim the rest for now.. >< Five dots on there! (*cough* Cassiopeia *cough* LOL)

Left Hand~

I really don’t remember what I was trying to make on my middle finger nail /facepalms

One more~

I applied about 3-4 coats of the matte top coat. You don’t really need to put that much, 1-2 coats are enough, and already gives a really smooth and nice finish! I just had too much fun watching it as it dried. LOL =P

I’m not very happy with the squiggly lines so I guess I might re-do this over the weekend when I have more time. I do need to buy a remover though, plus nail tape, because we have already ran out~

I guess I’ll have to see how long its ~matte-ness~ will last : D Will update you on that. Right now I am loving how it looks on my nails! ^^

In few hours, I will be off to Korean Language Class~~ Which reminds me that I have yet to blog about the meeting with the Korean Assistant Minister of Culture, the KCC opening, as well as our classes for the past meetings *_* Haha~ So much to write about ^^’ I hope I can get on to it soon!

For now I’m going to take a loooong bath while coffee-ing and watching 绝世双骄! ^-^

Have a great dayy~



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