Matte Nails & Etude House Haul

Hi~~~ Sorry, I seem to be updating at the most random hours of day! It’s just that my body clock still hasn’t gone back to normal. =/ Partly because I stayed in bed and slept all day yesterday because I woke up to a slight fever >< Anyways, updatinggg~~

Last week, a new branch of Etude House opened at Market! Market! I’ve always loved their products since I got to try out some of them back in 2007, during my first trip to Korea^^ And ah, was really happy that there is finally a branch near our place, because their other locations aren’t as accessible to us.  I was able to go during the day that it opened, so they still had stocks of the stuff I was looking for  : D

I bought new nailies! These aren’t much of a ~haul~ I know, but hehe still happy ^^

I bought:

  • Petit Darling Nails Matte Real Nail Top Coat – PHP 198.00
  • Petit Darling Nails Matte in #7 Lemon Cheese (okay weird name right lol) – PHP 98.00
  • Petit Darling Nails Matte in #8 Mint Cookie – PHP 98.00
  • Petit Darling Nails Base Coat – PHP 48.00 (Katie and I really love their base coat^^ ㅋㅋㅋ)
  • Petit Darling Nails WH706 Black- PHP 48.00

Matte Real has got to be my favorite right now *_*

I was srsly happy they had it in stock! I’ve been wanting to buy this for a while now, but the other branches I have been to so far don’t have it. I love, love how it dries to quickly and has that really niiiiice velvety finish. I’ve had this ~fetish~ for matte stuff and gah it’s so hard to find matte nail polish around here = / So hehe, this is a really, really good purchase.

Also, as always its brush applies quite well! Bottle and packaging looks nice too ^^ It costs a little less than PHP 200, and totally worth it. Katie and I will most likely be buying a bottle or two more to keep in stock~ ^^

Lemon Cheese & Mint Cookie!

I haven’t really gotten around to trying these out! Haha. It was when I got home that I realized I probably shouldn’t have bought them, because I already bought a matte top coat. Haha ^^” Oh well~ Katie and I might include these in one of our upcoming giveaways, so watch out for updates about that 😀

Matte Black + Aqua Nails

Because I couldn’t sleep, I ended up doing my nails instead! Also, I have strong-ass love for JaeJoong’s Matte Black Audi R8:

(Okay okay, I just really wanted to put this sexy car up there… HAHA)

Seriously now~ I wanted Matte Black nails, but since I want color too, I thought of putting on aqua polish as well ^^

For this I used:

  • Matte Real Nail Top Coat
  • Etude House Beauty Darling Nails Base Coat
  • Etude House Beauty Darling Nails WH706 Black
  • Splassh Aqua – RM 8.90 (I bought this at Sasa during our KL trip last year ^^”)

Right hand!

I didn’t really get to take photos step by step OTL But hehe here are photos of both hands. I got to lazy to use nail tape, so the lines aren’t that straight at all ^^’ Used a dotting tool for the polka dots, though~ My right forefinger is so short = ( I had to trim it because it broke the other day. I really don’t like short nails so I didn’t trim the rest for now.. >< Five dots on there! (*cough* Cassiopeia *cough* LOL)

Left Hand~

I really don’t remember what I was trying to make on my middle finger nail /facepalms

One more~

I applied about 3-4 coats of the matte top coat. You don’t really need to put that much, 1-2 coats are enough, and already gives a really smooth and nice finish! I just had too much fun watching it as it dried. LOL =P

I’m not very happy with the squiggly lines so I guess I might re-do this over the weekend when I have more time. I do need to buy a remover though, plus nail tape, because we have already ran out~

I guess I’ll have to see how long its ~matte-ness~ will last : D Will update you on that. Right now I am loving how it looks on my nails! ^^

In few hours, I will be off to Korean Language Class~~ Which reminds me that I have yet to blog about the meeting with the Korean Assistant Minister of Culture, the KCC opening, as well as our classes for the past meetings *_* Haha~ So much to write about ^^’ I hope I can get on to it soon!

For now I’m going to take a loooong bath while coffee-ing and watching 绝世双骄! ^-^

Have a great dayy~



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  1. Amanda Avatar


    1. Mish Avatar

      HEEE <3
      I bought it last year when I went to Seoul~~ ~
      But I didn't start using it until recently ^^'' <3

  2. Camille Avatar

    New colours! Aaaah, so nice. Omg. I kinda want to splurge on nail polish again. And this is me just painting my nails solid colors, without all the designing and stuff *__*

  3. ☆ Spring Vivi Avatar

    Waaa! Unni, I got the same matte top coat nail polish from Korea and it’s adorbs! There were few matte nail polishes to choose from, maybe because it was so cheap everyone’s hoarding. Ho ho~~ I looove the combination of colors and the cute statio! Update more prz! Love – Be dongsaeng~

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    such a lovely blog. definitely following u. please check my blogshop too :3

    1. candysky Avatar

      Thank you for your comment! ^^ I’m glad you liked my blog^^

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