A Good Morning + Gorgeous JaeJoong

Hi! ^^ It’s 8AM, and I just finished working on something. I haven’t slept yet but I feel so awake anyway! Haha ^^;

I was browsing through photos that I took in the past months, and upon opening a folder, there were photos of JaeJoong from one of the All About TVXQ DVDs. I took these photos while we were watching them several months back…

Isn’t he gorgeous? gnjgaghak LOL *_* Honestly. I love this man, and I do not doubt his manliness at all (despite him having such beautiful features), but AHHHH dressed up like this, I just can’t help but stare. /facepalms


JaeJoong was filming a scene for the 3rd Episode/Part of their theatrical tv drama, Vacation. JaeJoong’s episode is titled The Way U Are.

^ A remake of the poster that I did for a finearts class about 2-3 years ago? Haha^^’ (Yuh, I wrote 4 instead of 3 ><)

Here’s the synopsis from DramaWiki:

Hero Jaejoong was buying a ticket to go on a trip when suddenly he got dragged away by gangsters and beaten up. JaeJoong had no idea why he was getting beaten up and the only thing he heard was the name ChangShik. With the help of MangChi, he avoids the dangerous situation. MangChi shows a picture of ChangShik to JaeJoong, who realizes that the men who had taken him had mistaken him for ChangShik. ChangShik was working as a waiter at a nightclub and ran away with the owner’s money. In order to get out of the nightclub, JaeJoong pretends to be ChangShik and meets ChangShik’s girlfriend, Mina, who is a nightclub dancer. JaeJoong hears shocking information about ChangShik from MangChi…

Will JaeJoong be able to return to his life as TVXQ‘s lead vocalist?

This is my favorite episode out of all four because you get to see JaeJoong in action, literally. *_* I’ve always had this image of JaeJoongie as a gangster, maybe because during the early days of the fandom, there were a lot of TVXQ fics wherein JaeJoong was characterized as one~ So yeah — I love gangster!JJ : ))

While you get to see his strong and manly side, there’s also a part in this episode wherein you’ll get to see him all dolled-up. That was the scene he was filming for in the caps I posted above. Also, JJ wore heels for that, he was in a skirt as well, with a wig on + make-up. Huuu. So good-looking ><

This is Kim JaeJoong for you — handsome, charming and beautiful all at the same time.

He’s srsly irresistible that I always end up writing an entry about him OTL

Okay it’s already 9:30, I think I better go back to work before I start posting more JaeJoong photos… (I PROMISE HE ISN’T MY FAVORITE!)

One last — 😀


(HAHAHA [gah, YunHo’s too lucky])

Have a great day! ^^



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