#CandySkyinSeoul2010: TIMEOUT GELATO: 1/5 – 2010 10 21

Good morning! ^^ It’s almost 2AM and again, I have yet to go to bed. Haha. Slowly, body clock! I will get you back on track! Haha ^^

So a couple of nights ago, I was ~reminiscing~ about our 12-day Seoul trip last year. My sister Katie did a great job outlining what we did during the day in her scheduler, so we ended up browsing through it, and reading the accounts, recalling stuff that we did during our two weeks of stay in Seoul. We had two “Dong Bang Days”, the first one with Meli and Diane unnie-deul, and the last one with just the two of us, a day before our departure back to Manila.

I knowww I haven’t blogged about my trips at all, save maybe for an entry I posted about the Malaysia trip before my blog crashed, and then the quick entry about the JYJ Showcase in Malaysia that I wrote before I left for Bangkok in April. I promise to find time and write about those soon! But for now — I really want to blog about one of the places we went to a lot.

One of the shops Katie and I kept going back to was Timeout Gelato. It’s a gelato bar located in Apgujeong (very near Hyundae Department Store as well as Apgujeong-yeok) and is owned by none other than TVXQ’s Micky YooChun! This was our second stop for the first ~Dong Bang Day~. (First stop was Misarang Imsil Pizza, the restaurant owned by JunSu’s family). Timeout Gelato is where we kept going back to every other day of our trip, even if Hongdae, where our hostel was located, is a bit far from it. ^^’

I actually forgot to take a photo of the front of the store, because I was in too much of a hurry to get inside, and get my gelato. Haha. This was actually our second time going to Timeout. The first one was in 2009, during our trip to Seoul with our Mom. (I guess I’ll post a separate entry for that? If I do find photos… I lost so much when my white MacBook got stolen in late 2009 ;;)

We got in and settled to a table~ And then I quickly went to the counter to take photos. ROFL. GELATOOOOOOO AT LAST! Haha! It was Autumn that time, and these were the available flavors:

Pistacio Sicillia, Cherry Ripe, Mango Cream, Cookies and Cream, Pineapple Yogurt, Tim Tams, Melon Cream, Blueberry Cheese, Apricot Yogurt, Dark Chocolate,

… and I forgot the other 2 that got cut from this photo;

(This post is totally image-heavy! XD Click read more for full post!)

And you’ve got Grapefruit Sorbet, Choco Nut, Orange Sorbet, Strawberry Cream, Limoncello, Greek Yogurt, Vanilla Supreme, Tropical Fruit, GreenApple Yogurt, Lemon Mint, Swiss Chocolate and Milk Caramel

I really meant to take photos of every corner of the shop. But lol, I think I got to happy snapping away at random directions. Here you can see the um, angle from the booth haha. Okay lol see that cork board there? : )) Close up on that later! ^^

This is part of a shelf that displays the Timeout Gelato Merchandise (photos later~) and also the gifts made by fans for YooChun. 🙂

So here’s one of the Timeout goods — the Lap Blanket, which costs 18,000 won, roughly about PHP 730. Katie and I bought a blue one for our sister Jade. ^^ (They also have this in baby pink~)

Another merchandise, but this time I think this photobook is a consigned item? The photobook is made and produced by BadBoyMicky.com, one of YooChun’s fansites : ) It costs 35,000 won (PHP 1,420). I really wanted to buy it but mannn — I CAN’T BE BIASED! lol (But seriously, it made me think — so YooChun recognizes BadBoyMicky? ㅋㅋㅋ Just like how JaeJoong recognizes HeyJJ, because when you go to Crebeau-JEFF, there are so many HeyJJ items!)

Next one are a pair of YooChun mugs for 20,000 won (PHP 810). : )

One of the more expensive items is the Micky 4G USB which costs 45,000 won (PHP 1,825) OTL Because well, aside from the Micky Mouse shape, it has YooChun’s face haha. And the case is really nice, too! But yeah, as much as I love my Chunface, 45,000won for a USB it too much~

Now this one is a SungKyunKwan Canvas Pouch for 12,000 won (PHP 488) ~ Still didn’t buy it though. (Because for some reason whenever I see fan merchandise, if I think I can have it made here, I’d rather not buy it…)

And then more photos of the fanmade gifts that were on displayyy…

They’re really cute, right? ^^ I’m glad that they make an effort to showcase these gifts made by fans instead of just throwing them away, unlike others.

Sorry I keep jumping shots! Haha! Now this one’s the whole line of merchandise they’re selling~ They also sell Timeout/Micky Badges, which I didn’t get to take a separate photo of. ^^’ And here you can see the Micky blanket pink version =D

Sooo~~ One of the things you’ll notice when you visit Timeout Gelato is the cork board beside the entrance ^^ Everyday, fans who visit the shop leaves photos, messages and art for YooChun ^-^ It’s soooo nice~ What we noticed is that the stuff gets moved up every day, to make way for more messages. The earlier ones that were on top, are most likely kept by the staff and given to Chunner. Most of the stuff posted are related to SungKyunKwan Scandal, because it was being aired during this time~

Also got to put CandySky there! Haha~ Lucky we had a leftover CandySky Calendar ^^ I forgot to take a photo of what we wrote on the back~

Dayuuuummmm LEE SEONJOON /dies I swear, I still am not over SKKS. One of my favorite dramas ever!

This is the view from the door. HAHA. DAMN HUGE-ASS CHUNNIE SHOTS. (When we went there in July 2009, it had a different set XD So yeah, they basically change the posters every now and then)

The counterrr ^^ That unnie is one of the regular staff~ Really nice too!

After we got to settle down with our gelato, we also thought of writing notes to post on the cork board! ^^ Good thing we had the TVXQ! notebook that I had made (yeah, it was supposed to be part of the merchandise but huu I didn’t have time to have it produced /dies) + colored pens!

This is Katie doodling~ She’ll be posting this on the cork board later on =D

Here is Katie’s finished note to YooChun! HAHA XD “I tattooed your name on my tongue!” (Okay she realized she misspelled it afterwards /facepalms LOL LOL)

Katieee! XD (Okay I fail at life and I forgot to take a photo of me, Katie, Meli unnie and Diane unnie! >< Miannn)

LOL Katie put it at the top : )))

Diane unnie’s note to Chunnie XD

Notes from Mish, Meli & Diane ~ (YAH PAKYOO, YOU BETTER HAVE READ THESE! LOL)

Dongsaeng did some re-arranging, and put the CandySky calendar on top ㅋㅋㅋ

I went around for a bit more to take photos of the panels and stuff… gah the lips!


Lee SeonJoon!

And of course — a panel of the Park Brothers! =D Seriously, YooHwan is growing up to be such a handsome guy /cries PARKBROS = THE BEST haha

Honestly, this has got to be my most favorite part of Timeout Gelato /cries HAHA

Right side you’ve got a YooChun shirt, one of the goods from the Thanksgiving Live in Dome concert~

On the left is another con good, the pakyoo towel. LOL

Below this is a rack containing magazines, photobooks and other stuff. We didn’t get to browse through it that much because we were about to leave~

Got to pull out one of the magazines there~ It’s a K-POP mag in Japanese XD

It was time to goooo~ Our awesome unnie-deul will be taking us to the boys’ salon! (ㅋㅋㅋ We got lost though, and ended up in CoEx, but still had a wonderful time anyway!)

Leaviiing alr! That’s Katie with the backpack, and Diane unnie in blue! ^^

(Also please to check out those YooChun photos! I didn’t get to take a closer shot because I didn’t want to disturb those who were seated there but hee, it had photos of YooChun spanning from their debut days to the present ^^ Total love!)


One last shot before we go~ ^^ Hihi the menu’s real cute, right? Mickey bullets! ㅋㅋㅋ

WHEW! Finished with first Timeout Gelato Day postttt! Yay! Haha~ Sorry, I took so many photos! But so little of us and of our unnies /dies I know we took shots on my macbook’s photobooth and posted it up on twitter… Hmm…

HEEE! I actually found a photo from my photobooth files! Only one taken on October 21st, 2010~ Haha^^

From L-R: Diane unnie, Meli unnie, Me and Katie!

Totally happppyyyyy~ We were online so I tweeted this photo after XD

I love Timeout. *_*

The interiors are really nice, and you’ll never be short of YooChun. I mean for srs (lol hello Chunface everywhere!)~ Plus although they say that the gelato is quite pricey, to me it’s all worth it. It tastes so, so so so good, you’d want to have it over and over again!

Katie and I actually wrote a review of the Timeout Day 3 flavors that we ordered. That was posted before the old CandySky crashed. And because I fail, I don’t even have a back up /cries Anyway, I’ll make sure we write it down next time, instead of typing straightaway! HAHA ^^

Oh oh before I end this and move on to writing other pending posts, let me just say — I LOVE THIS AREA. I totally love it. LOL. Because there’s like, free wifi. HAHA. I swear, my macbook airport went crazy bc there was a long list of available wifi! Also, internet is very fast! THANK YOU KOREA, THANK YOU CITIZENS WHO SHARE THEIR INTERNET, YOU ARE HEAVEN-SENT! lolzors ^^’ So yeah, you’ll see students staying in, hanging out with their friends while doing homework and stuff. And we also saw others with their laptops on, staying in for a while~ Katie and I promised to come back and hang out there as well! (^^We did just that in the next couple of times that we went~)

Looking at all these photos is making me miss Timeout Gelato more! I really am looking forward to going back! If only we could bring home a gallon of Greek Yogurt, I seriously would! Haha ^^

So hee~ That’s all for now! ^^ Don’t forget to check back for the next parts of the serieees haha ^^



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