JaeChunSu, Jeju and the unfair treatment by KBS

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This is HyeopJae Beach in Jeju~ ^^

For those who aren’t aware, a couple of months back, our JaeJoong, YooChun and JunSu were appointed by the local government of Jeju-do as the Official Honorary Ambassadors of Jeju.

Jeju Island is in the running to be one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. (So is the Philippines’ very own Puerto Princesa Underground River!)

Since the announcement that our boys have been appointed ambassadors, many overseas fans have since then helped in voting for Jeju Island and also in spreading the word about it.

Currently, Jeju Island is at the #2 spot on the N7W Voting Trends list.

A lot of us have been looking forward to their performance on the Jeju special that will be broadcasted through KBS on July 20th. However, on July 16th, KBS announced the cancelation of the JaeChunSu’s participation in the special. Which turned out to be a decision made and announced without the knowledge of the artists, their company and even the local government of Jeju.

And then later on they announced that SNSD and f(x) will be performing in their place, because the said groups are more “effective” than Kim JaeJoong, Park YooChun and Kim JunSu.

D: (I am a fan of both SNSD and f(x), but KBS’ claim about effectiveness? It’s all. BS.)


Can you imagine the frustration the boys must be feeling? How they have been looking forward to being able to perform on stage, and finally reach an audience by broadcast after such a long time?  How much they must have been preparing, only to be slapped in the face with a cancelation just four days before the event? How it feels to have been appointed the OFFICIAL AMBASSADORS, ONLY TO BE REPLACED BY OTHER GROUPS ON THE SPECIAL BROADCAST WHERE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE PRINCIPAL GUESTS BECAUSE AGAIN, THEY ARE THE AMBASSADORS FOR THE ISLAND? ;;

The whole situation is so frustrating, and the reasons and alibis that KBS has been spewing out have all been senseless and of no help.

When they announced the cancelation, automatically, one would think it’s SM Entertainment’s doing. And then they announced that SNSD and f(x) will be performing instead — and there you have it — NAILED. SEALED. CEMENTED. =_= SME had a hand in this. Even a well-known journalist thought the same way.

What pissed me off even more is how they by-passed even the Jeju government. The local gov’t chose JaeJoong, YooChun and JunSu as their ambassadors. Surely, this should be taken into account right? But how come KBS was able to bypass the government, deciding to remove the appointed ambassadors and replacing them with other idols that they, as a broadcasting station deemed more effective?

Someone has gone totally out of line here. /pulls hair in frustration

  • How come KBS had more say in who can be part of the broadcast? Shouldn’t the Jeju government have the upper hand, since this is a special program for the promotion of their island, and they are the government after all? Shouldn’t they be the one to decide who is more effective for the promotion of Jeju, and not the broadcast station? =_=
  • Why is the Jeju Government allowing this? The Jeju special is already tomorrow — why can’t they take measures to ensure that the ambassadors that they have chosen appear in the program?
  • Can’t they Jeju Government choose another broadcasting station to air / conduct / produce the Jeju Special?
  • How come it seems that KBS is the one making all the decisions, as if the Jeju officials have no say in this at all?
  • What is KBS’ basis for SNSD and f(x)’s effectiveness over JaeJoong, YooChun and JunSu? Are they aware of the influence that the appointment of the 3 have contributed to this campaign?
  • How many times will KBS eff around with JYJ as well as their fans, not only the Korean audience, but also their global audience?

I need answers, not the baseless crap that KBS keeps on insisting. I am so tired of the unfair treatment that the boys have been receiving, because they deserve none of it at all. SM’s actions have already become so blatant, it really pisses me off that it seems as if they have no intentions of stopping. What’s even more enraging and frustrating is the fact that there are companies and entities that actually aid SM Entertainment in carrying out these acts. They have gone too far, I find it sick and disgusting.

This whole issue has actually reached the New7Wonders Website’s Official News section! And KBS is showing no signs of shame at all.

CJeS, the three’s management company have already announced that they will be filing a case against the broadcasting station. Although I would do the same if I were in a similar situation, I can’t help but feel even sorrier for the boys and CJeS. Another lawsuit to deal with!  Another case to add to the long list!

Unfortunately, this is the only thing they can do to protect themselves, and attain the justice that they deserve. ;___; I hope they don’t go bankrupt. I hope that they win their cases. Good lord. I hope their efforts, hardwork, their sacrifices would bear fruit, because they deserve every little bit of it.

Fuuuu you, SME. When will you stop?

I really want to know what will come off this. KBS has done a good job in tainting not only their image, but also Korea’s. I know this may sound too much, but what they have done, and are still doing, also reflect a part of their culture. And because it’s already been put out to a wider audience (not just the fans, but the rest of the world who are following the N7W), this will definitely in a way change people’s views toward them and their country.

Right now, I am all the more proud of Kim JaeJoong, Park YooChun and Kim JunSu. You’ve got to give it to these boys, because they have never given up. JunSu, in his tweet, talked about having yet another mountain to climb just as they have finished one. This has been their lives these past two years–facing one challenge after another, but so far, the boys have remained strong. It’s a tough road, but they have shown nothing but determination, and faith. Instead of focusing on negativity, they make most out of the situation, and try to turn it into something positive.

This is what JaeJoongie tweeted after the cancelation was announced:

“If there are obstacles even in promoting our own country’s natural scenery, then in this circumstance I would have to promote it by myself” – JaeJoong (mjjeje), 2011 07 16 (Translated by KoreYeah / JoeJjang)

My heart ached reading this, he sounded so frustrated  and sad ;_; But at the same time, I felt so proud, too. JaeJoong also changed his Twitter photo to a photo of Jeju island.

“If there are at least 100,000 people who tweet a picture of Jeju island, wouldn’t it be close to a minimum of 20 million?” – JaeJoong (mjjeje), 2011 07 16 (Translated by KoreYeah / JoeJjang)

Because of this tweet numerous fans changed their profile photos to a photo of Jeju Island ;_; (HELLO, TALK ABOUT EFFECTIVENESS!!! In your face, KBS!) I want to huggle JaeJoong and the other two right now : ( Despite being insulted like this as the appointed ambassadors, he continued to encourage everyone to help in promoting Jeju.

I really think that these boys are wonderful, amazing and are good role models to everyone. I just wish more people, especially in their industry, could take after them, and grow some spine. I wish more would learn to stand up for their rights, instead of just accepting everything that their management, or those in power throw at them.

The path that JaeJoong, YooChun and JunSu are traversing isn’t easy at all. They have sacrificed so much of themselves, their time, resources, even their dreams and the many opportunities they could have had… I hope none of these will go to waste. ;_; I’m seriously praying that things turn out for the better, and that they win their battles ;____; I know it might take a long time, but I believe that the boys will only grow stronger, so will Cassiopeia, and all of their fans.

Sorry for the super long entry on this, but I had to put everything in writing and this will be too much both for Twitter and Tumblr^^

What do YOU think about this issue?

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