Preview of Gmail’s new look

I’m over a week late, but it was only this afternoon when I noticed this upon checking my Gmail:

Clicking the link led me to this page, with instructions on how I can preview it. So I immediately went to the Themes tab, and there were these two new themes that serve as previews for Gmail’s upcoming interface~

I tried out the Dense preview first:

If you’ve been on the newly launched Google+, this new look would be familiar.�Honestly, I’m really, really liking it so far. I love the clean, minimalist look it has. I know it’s just a preview, but I’ll definitely be using this til it’s launched! Haha ^^

This one’s the preview for what will be the default look. Same design, but has wider spacing than the other.

Really looking forward to having this permanent look for my Gmail. I think I’ve used most of the default themes they have, it’s about time for something new~ ^^

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