Rainy mornings

Honestly, I do love the rain. I love how cold and cozy it becomes when it starts falling. I just don’t like how it can rain so hard all of a sudden — it always reminds me of Ondoy, and it always signals flood which is a common�occurrence where I live /cries

These days everything’s gray and cloudy, and I can’t help but miss the sun, and the clear blue sky that comes along with it. The weather makes me feel a lot more lethargic, and it makes me want to just stay in bed when I shouldn’t! Haha~

Most days of the week are spent at home, working on graphics or sometimes I go out for meetings or to run errands for my parents. I can’t wait to get work, really! I want to keep myself busy and preoccupied, because if not, the weather is just going to keep me lazy.

Anyway. Because of the gloominess of things I listen to more upbeat songs. And huuu~ What better than TVXQ’s Hi Ya Ya right? Haha ^^ Here are some graphics I made out of their Hi Ya Ya photoshoot.

Hello, JAEJOONG TRICEPS! *_* Ah~~ This would be my ideal day — you got the sun, the sand and the (hot) man~

(Please to look at this! Who’s girly, huh? WHO? LOL! JJ IS A TOTAL MAN [this has nothing to do with YunJae, I ship them still. I just believe in JaeHo more HAHA])

I love. love. love the lighting in this photo! �Makes you wish you were with the boy~ Although I’d prefer his old teeth over his new ones any day~ Hehe ^^’

Don’t really get why Chunnie looks so emo here, but damn ah, definitely one of my favorite photos of his. Back in high school I had a copy in my wallet, in my scheduler, everything. OH YOOCHUN!

OH MY GOD! SU(N)! LOL Always and forever the sunshine boy. His smiles can compete with the sunrays okay? So bright! (Am I gonna whacking now for being too cheesy?) Haha~ But seriously, just looking at JunSu is enough to brighten my day. To me, his smiles have always been so comforting~ Something I’m really thankful for! ^^’

Uh-oh! Someone lost track of time!!!

Can’t believe it’s already 8AM and yet it’s still so dark. HUHU. Curse you, rain, making it all gray!

I have a Korean Language Class to attend at the Philippine Korean Cultural Center at 9AM todayyy~ So yeah, I better go! Haha ^^ I hope this day goes well~ �You guys have an awesome day too!



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