Perfect Day

As my days have been filled with the same old routine, I keep wondering what would make a perfect day? I thought of sunshine, a nice, cozy cafe somewhere in HongDae, a mug of hot mint chocolate, my laptop, art and design books, my camera and instax and good company~ To me a perfect day would be a day when I can feel relaxed, and still be able to be productive. These days, it has been nothing but gloomy. Apart from the not-so-pleasant weather, there is also that stressful routine I can’t seem to get out of. I have a pile of work begging to be done, and the twenty-four hours we have each day never seem to be enough.

I get a little bit of sleep, sometimes none at all, do errands, try to inspire myself, do work, watch a drama, listen to music, find out what the boys are up to. There isn’t anything new, and I am growing tired of it already.

I need a solution to this, really! A creative / design solution, maybe? (Or maybe a plane ticket… I wouldn’t say no to that!)

Right now, I’m still quite trapped in a cycle, but I will try harder to do something different each day, and slowly escape from it. Although my days might not be as perfect or as smooth as I want them to be, I’ll enjoy it, and not let the weather get me down~

So what is your idea of a perfect day?

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