Early mornings

It’s already the first Monday of July~ Time surely passed by so quickly. More often than not I feel that 24 hours a day is too short 🙁

There is always so much left to do!

Right now I am taking a break from working. Pulling off an all-nighter again, because I tend to be a slow worker so I need all the time I can get. Everyone’s asleep already, and I went snapping photos of photos and posters on the wall : )) Nothing fancy though ^^


Good ‘ol soju keeping me company while I work.


Hi, light!


I had posters printed of the TVXQ through the years graphic I made, and one of them is posted up on our wall.


LOL Keeping me awake


*sings* My gangsta boy!


(Part of) my Life.


Damn, who wouldn’t want to take a bath the whole day if this guy is your company?


Perfect everything.


One of my most favorite TVXQ photos, from my favorite photobook, Tommorrow 000777 Days, which I still don’t have. /hangs head


Gorgeous, Sweet, Amazing. (Can you hear GD rapping? Haha. But oh, these adjectives fit JaeJoong so much!)

Okay, enough blabbing : )

Time to go back to work! ^^

Have a great dayyy~

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