On Sleeping, Travel Dreams and the upcoming SWPH 2nd Gathering!

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last blogged. A lot has happened since then, and I guess I became too preoccupied with other matters. I still wrote though, but in my Livejournal, and mostly about more private things.

Looking back at these past weeks, everything has been a routine. I wake up at around lunch time, and then do work on my macbook, watch videos, read Korean blogs, watch more videos, do a bit more work, til late into the night and then fall asleep at around 5AM, and then the cycle repeats again.

I know, I can feel it’s unhealthy. I get about 4-5 max hours of sleep each day, or sometimes I go about two days without any sleep… I’ve been having sleeping problems, and though I have tried to correct it, it just goes back to this routine. I seriously need to get my body clock back to normal.

(I just had to put a sleeping JaeJoong here. I MEAN COME ON. Haha. It’s for a shoot, but oh, isn’t he gorgeous?)

It’s been four months since I finished school, and I still haven’t found a job. (Hence this day to day routine). Okay so I really wouldn’t find anything because I have yet to start looking for one. Although I am employed in my parents’ business, it’s still different. It would be nice to be employed. I told myself I will start looking come June, but there’s only one day left and I never really got around to doing it.

I have been doing a lot of thinking, and it is still the same — I would like to study again. I still have time though, because that is not until next year. For now I must find work! I need to break away from this cycle I am in right now. It has been hard motivating myself but, I will try my best.

I can’t really stand being stuck at home. I have been itching to go out, out of the house, out of town, out of the country. I want to travel so much. There are so many places I want to see, and I can’t wait til I am able to! October come sooner!

So while I wait, there are also local events that I have been looking forward to. Like SHINeeWorldPH‘s 2nd fan gathering!

It has been a while since we had an event like this. Last year, after we had our first event in May, we got busy with the SHINee Lucifer and Hello Album Launches with Universal Records Philippines, and then with KPOP Convention 2 with other local fanclubs in December. So right now, it’s great SWPH’s holding another get-together just for Shawols!

This time it’s going to be quite different from the usual fan gatherings, as this one is set at a later time – it starts at 6PM and ends at 10PM on July 16th, Saturday~ It will be held at Noriter Cafe along Taft Avenue. It’s this really, really nice Korean cafe~ Tickets are priced at PHP 150! There will be acoustic performances of SHINee songs from different groups as well as games and other fun activities! Our goal is to be able to chill and bond with other SHINee fans.

There are limited slots for this gathering as the venue is quite small! So if you are interested in attending, please check the event page for more details!

That’s it for now! Will try to post more often, I promise!

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