Mornings like this…

Today I fell asleep at 4am, and woke up at 9am. I need to work on sleeping earlier, really. ^^’ Did my usual routine, and part of it is checking if any of the boys updated their twitter. And I was greeted with this:

Okay, edited the coloring to my liking, but if you want the original photo, it’s on his Twitter. ;D Upon seeing this, I swear I knew I started my day right!Still in the states, with one more concert to go. I really can’t wait for them to be back in Seoul!

So at around 5AM today, YunHo and ChangMin arrived at Gimpo airport, from Japan. (They left for Japan on Sunday). Honestly I’m just… Ah. I don’t know… They’re used to this kind of hectic schedule, fine. But are they happy? I guess we’ll never know, right? That’s the downside to being a fan… We’ll never really know how they feel, no matter how much we want to, or how worried we are. At the end of the day there is still that huge gap. *sigh*

YunHo went straight to Kiss and Cry rehearsals. I haven’t watched the recent episode, but for sure he’s doing wonderful, right? YunHo’s the type who can excel in anything as long as he sets his mind to it.

If you’ve been following the news updates from various BB blogs or even AKP, you surely would have read about what happened to DaeSung ;_; After feeling all giddy seeing JJ’s photo… That was wiped away by the tweets on my timeline this morning. DaeSung involved in a car accident, ran over an already passed-out motorcyclist and hit a cab. /cries

Although I do feel sorry for the motorcyclist and also the cab driver, I am also very worried about DaeSung. Although he puts up a happy demeanor, out of the five boys of BigBang, he is the one who is most insecure and is quite sensitive. The way he thinks too… He tends to put himself down a lot. This incident, I’m worried about how it will affect him emotionally. The events early this morning must have been such a huge blow… YG also said Dae brokedown… DaeSung ah, be strong, okay? Please do not be too hard on yourself.

Right now, the boys are on a break, but DaeSung is still a regular at Night After Night… This might affect his schedule, but I think he would need a break to at least feel better. Seriously praying for the best for him.

It’s the last day of May already. We are almost halfway through 2011! Is this crazy or what? And ah… It’s been two months since I graduated from uni… I’ve had a fair break. Although our US trip didn’t push through because of conflict with my parents’ schedules, I’m happy. I was still able to do a lot of things and I guess I’m just glad this summer felt like the previous summers, I’ve had. This will probably be the last real summer of my life.

Dumdidum~ Still a lot to do… I seriously seriously MUST clean our room! *_* Have a great day, loves!


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