Most favorite CF at the moment + sister love!

Hello hello!

An update ater 3 days? HAHA~ But, I couldn’t help it ^^ I think from now on I will be updating more often. : ) Blogging helps release stress a lot, and it’s nice to have all these thoughts recorded somewhere~

Anyway… Have you guys seen the new LOTTE DUTY FREE CF? *_* IT’S SOOOOO AWESOME! It has an all-star cast, the song is damn catchy and the concepts were excellently executed that I can’t stop watching it!

And of course because I am a totally biased fan… I made a cut of JaeChunSu’s and BigBang’s parts. XD

I keep replaying! The JCS and BB verses of the song are my favorites! Srsly catchy and Tabi’s rapping is love!

I love the concept for both groups! JaeChunSu looking so fine in those suits~ Ah, such gorgeous gentlemen. *_* I really really really love JaeJoongie’s hair in black. He looks a lot manlier and I don’t know… Just. Ah it has a different effect! And YooChun with his hair all short and tidy like this makes him look a lot younger, right? 🙂 JunSu is so cute no matter what! I still miss his strawberry hair days, though!

And omg~~ The Arabian / Aladin-y / Genie concept was so perfect for these boys!!! I TOTALLY DIED!!! And okay, okay, I kept looking for G-RI throughout : )) This is probably one of my favorite frames. LOL! And omg… Tabi lookin’ like a god *_* Man this guy is so good-looking *_*

Oh, this CF is seriously one of my favorites right now! I cannot stop watching it haha ^^’ And well, apart from the good-looking cast, honestly it is such a well-produced video! The animation and the effects are flawless. Why are Koreans sooooo good at this? Oh, Lotte! Hopefully there will be other versions to this! I want more BB + JCS! (Although you know… It would have been the most perfect CF ever if the gods of the East were complete… But alas… They are in Shilla.)

Okay, I think I have declared my love for this CF enough already! ^^ Here are more screenshots of the CF:

On other news…. My younger sister, Katie, finally has a blog that isn’t on Tumblr! ROFL^^ It’s called LacquerLust, and is mainly going to house her nail art designs, tutorials and reviews : ) Please don’t forget to drop by and leave comments!

(Her pretty hands are all thanks to JaeJoong, btw. Years ago when Katie was still in gradeschool/early highschool?, and JaeJoong, in an interview, declared that he likes girls with pretty hands, Katezors vowed to take care of her hands and nails. LOL. So there you go pretty hands and pretty! Haha^^)

Okay, time to prepare dinner! : D It’s �been raining a lot these days, so do take care everyone and take your vitamins and don’t get sick! Hehe ^^

P.S. Because omg JaeJoong is too irresistible… Here, have some!

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