Ancient *surprise* from YooHwan and happy fangirl ramblings :)

Random message from YooHwan (2007 06 14)

(NOTE: Unearthed from my old LJ… because erm a couple of years back I used to go on Cyworld a lot, checking hompy’s. Also since I got to friend YooHwan on MySpace and also had dongsaengs and unnies who knew about his CW account, I eventually learned about his hompy… Which I often commented on. No, we weren’t ilchons on Cyworld, but um he did send me a couple of Jjokji’s/PMs there. This is basically because he noticed my last name, which is same as Roscoe Umali’s, a rapper that he likes listening to.)

PM#01 from Park YooHwan: “I have a question. Are you related to Roscoe Umali�by any chance?” (Received in the wee hours of the morning)

– And because I was/is an honest kid back then (shit damn lah I think I forgot I was a noona…), I said that “yes we are related but I am not close to that side of the family”. Which was true…. Until I asked Dad about him OTL

So well, that was already done :)) Some of my friends said I should have told him that we have close family ties but nuuuu I’d rather be true lor. HAHA… but gah I wonder… HAHAH After replying… When I woke up, later that day…

PM#02 from Park YooHwan: “damn roscoe umali 🙂 so gooooood mmm”

– My eyes srsly went O_O and I LITERALLY LOL-ED. /facepalms Oh Ricky, so greasy! Haha. I remember Rhanie unnie saying he made it sound like he was tasting roscoe LMAO

Anyways. Haha. This is teenage Park YooHwan for youuu! HAHA ^^; He was in a phase wherein he posted a lot of emo/dramatic/wild-ish photos and stuff =)) Remember Chunface with the long greasy hair? Picture YooHwan with that. :)) OH THOSE WERE THE DAYS LOL LOL

We had about two more PM exchanges after this, but since I forgot my new Cyworld password… This is all I can share for now. :))) He’s a nice kid, really. Just a bit out of this world back then. Looking at him now, he’s actually toned down already and has become more mature ^-^ Actor Park YooHwan! 🙂 Fighting~

Also… Before I start working and click publish:


I swear I am such a proud dongsaeng right now!!!! (OMG DID I JUST SAY DONGSAENG? LOL) ^^ This is seriously smth to celebrate! /throws confetti He won Best Male Rookie Actor for TV Category, as well as Male Popularity Award for the same category. HUHU What is wonderful, right? He totally deserves it, after all the hard work he’s done! �And to celebrate, here is a YooChunnie wallpaper! ^^

^Damn gorgeous. Him smiling like this just aaaah it makes me feel lightheaded and takes me straight to the heavens. Haha ^^;

And also, something for your iPhone / iTouch — TWO EYECANDIESSSS! I love these two so much!

I wish they were complete, though! Where was MinYoung unnie and AhIn oppa? Anyways, these two have enough charms to make my fangirl heart implode a million pieces! LOOK AT THOSE MEGAWATT SMILES~ OH CHUNNIE! XD



Looking soooooo good in that suit and with his hair back to black! *THROWS MORE CONFETTI* Like YooChun, he also won Best Male Rookie Actor and the Male Popularity Award, but for the Film category! ^-^ Can you sense my pride? HEEE.�So damn good looking, I think if I were to see him walk past me, I’d just faint! Oppa, I’m so proud of you. I can’t wait to see more of you acting! (DAMN LOR don’t you want to be that trophy? HAHA ^^)

Oh, so early in the morning and I have all these crazy thoughts! ^^’ I have such wonderful oppa-deul, my fangirl heart is bursting~

So it’s a finally a FRIDAY! And YooChunnie oppa is most likely to go back to LA today, for the LA concert. (We were supposed to watch, but our trip got delayed, and now postponed. Oh well, more chances in the future!^^) His schedule is soooo tight, it honestly is making me as well as other fans worried… You see, yesterday his flight from LA got to Seoul a little before 4am. And after that he went to his house for a bit, and then proceeded to FILMING FOR RIPLEY. Like seriously *_* He had filming for a couple of hours, and then at around 5pM he went to their usual salon to get ready for the Baeksang Art Awards and then of course he attended the ceremony, which probably last for hours… This man, is he even getting enough rest? OTL

While he was being the Korean Superman in Seoul, JaeJoongie oppa was chillin’ with Shane Yoon, and yakno doing one of things he does best – DRINKING! WOOT WOOT haha

So at first Shane thought about teasing his followers, asking us to guess who this was. But oh rofl, we know our gods from head to toe. : )))

Eventually he gave up and posted this! Oh JaeJoongieeeee! �He is so adorable, y/y? ^^ �So they have been drinking~~~ I wonder if he got drunk? HAHA ^^ Ah, I am really envious. One of my dreams is to get to drink / hang out / chill with THE Kim JaeJoong. Haha. Oh, dreammm. S

So maybe you’re wondering what JunSu oppa has been up to? Well… He did 3 things:

  • Go to Disneyland
  • Stalk a baby
  • Take a photo of Mickey Mouse

Which he posted about on Twitter. OH GOD SO AMAZINGLY ADORBS. I mean, it’s as if he NEVER ages. Still so charming and cute and youthful and pure — is anyone else like our Kim JunSu? ^^’

Here he is being all handsome at Disneyland~ I wonder if there were fans who saw him there? I would probably be busy squeeing to approach him lol.

Here be the JunSu baby stalker photos. HARHAR *_* The baby’s so cute right? ROFL. When he started tweeting about babies, everyone on my Twitter timeline just went crazy! Oh JunSu~ You know you’ve got us… Haha. ^^ I honestly thing it would be nice if there were little JunSu’s born to the world~ We need more individuals like him, you know?^^

Photo on the right is of Mickey Mouse that he took ~~ Haven’t really seen the translation but it looks like he was reminded of YooChun? Because he’s Micky YooChun after all… Haha XD He’s already stopped tweeting though, so I guess he’s already resting.

Oh~ 5:15AM and I am still awake. Aigoo… This is actually my main dilemma — I can’t sleep, and my body clock is so messed up. =/ I hope I can get back on track with my sleeping habits soon. Not being able to sleep during the time you want to is so difficult. I end up asleep during the day… I feel almost like a vampire ;

Anyway, I guess this ends my update ^^ I know I have so much to write about~ (There’s also the Bangkok Trip and JYJ Concert I have yet to write about! Haha^^ Promise to update real soon!^^)



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