Faces of TVXQ

So late last year, I wanted stickers of our TVXQ boys, and ended up with this. Originally it only had up to the second to the last row. But while I was looking at it last night, Katie suggested I added one more row with newer photos so I did.

Here are TVXQ through the years~

To be honest there are a lot of missing times, right? Pretty much skipped, but waaah, our oppa’s have been good-looking from the start. They were all adorable as children, I especially want to squish JaeJoong and YunHo and JunSu and YooChun and ChangMin — oh wait, that’s all of them already =_= BUT HUUU you have to agree with me, they were totally squishy as kids, right?

And oh, that awkward teenage phase, they also went through it~ And ah, H.O.T era! Check out JunSu’s hair!

I honestly think the one with the most WOAHHH column was YooChunnie oppa. I mean, come on… That 3rd photo — WHO CAN BEAT THAT, BABY? ROFL I love YooChun, okay? But well… yeah. THE HAIR. It kind of makes you realize the stylist hyungs and noonas don’t need to get all the blame when it comes to Chun’s hair… It’s like his trademark, since pre-debut. LOL So they probably felt that they could put whatever hairstyle they wanted on Chunnie. Eh, whatever, still handsome. (OMG I am definitely writing a tribute post to YooChun’s hairstyle, one of these days + a video too!)

So dearies, which column or row is your favorite? Whom do you think changed the most? ^^ Tell me what you think~!

P.S. Please don’t repost this without permission!

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11 responses to “Faces of TVXQ”

  1. VisualCrazy Avatar

    I think JaeJoong changed the most.
    He looks like he’d beat the shit out of you in the third pic. xD

    1. Mish Avatar

      ROFL! Agreed~ Haha ^^
      He definitely looked so much like a gangster during his teens!
      But still pretty! XDD

  2. Michelle Avatar

    The change their faces underwent is so amazing. Well, I can say Junsu have the most consistent photos. And oh my Jaejoong, I personally don’t like his pre-debut photos. Yoochun! He was like a kanto boy somewhere in some eskinita. XDD Changmin shares consistency with Junsu. He’s the shy boy before up to now. Yunho. He was chubby, indeed. 2nd, 3rd & 4th photos are ‘t my faves. But the rest of his photos, JUST AWESOME. ^^,

  3. AM Avatar

    Mish this is awesome! Hahahaha I’m not the biggest TVXQ fan but omg this is awesome!

    1. Mish Avatar

      hehe ^^ thanks unnie~~

  4. christine Avatar

    eonnie, can i use this as a background for my twitter account? 🙂

    1. Mish Avatar

      Hello^^ That’s okay~

  5. Faith Avatar

    Jaejoong’s first pic is just so adorable! For me, Changmin was the one who changed the least. Hihi.

    1. Mish Avatar

      Baby JaeJoong is so cute and squishy~ ^^
      And yeah, ChangMin still looks the same~~ Just got even more good looking ^^
      Thanks for the comment~~

  6. Cher Avatar

    I’mma tweet this blog entry!

    1. Mish Avatar

      ^^ Hee~ Thanks dear!

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