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2010 10 17 JYJ (from TVXQ) The Beginning Showcase in Malaysia

I don’t think I was able to properly blog about this last year, but for my 21st birthday gift (and Katie’s 17th), we watched JaeChunSu’s showcase in Malaysia with a couple of my friends from the Ateneo – Nina, Michi, Joyce and Cherry.

We got to KL about two days before, and stayed at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, the same hotel the boys stayed at while they were there^^ We also got to meet Kino unnie, who owns RedStar, as well as their staff~ So happy I got to meet Nic, Lolly and her younger sister, Xietin (who is a wonderful photographer!).

I got to take a lot of photos, but I haven’t really gotten around to resizing everything, save for these photos from the showcase that I was able to post on Tumblr.

That was the first time in 3 years that I was able to see the three (I’ve seen TVXQ twice, first when they came to Manila to shoot the Ramodo CF in 2006, and second during the O Jung Ban Hap Seoul Encore Concert in 2007), and I really couldn’t explain the happiness I felt when they finally came out. Katie was also crying — it was her first time to see the boys, first time to watch them perform live. Although we were both happy seeing them, there was that bittersweet feeling — how we wished there were five in front of us, instead of just three, and so on. Nevertheless we were able to enjoy the event. It feels amazing to be surrounded by fellow Cassiopeia, seeing that red ocean~ It also feels great to know that we were surrounded by so many YunJae fans. Everyone around us were shouting YunJae at one point or another, holding fansigns. Even the Japanese ahjummas were also rooting for YunJae. Needless to say, Katie and I totally felt at home. LOL.

So yeah, because cameras weren’t exactly permitted, I had to conceal mine and be careful while taking photos. I only had my kit lens, and it could only zoom so far =_= Cherry and Joyce were able to take much closer photos than me! Haha! But eh, still happy I was there, and I can take photos of the boys! Here are some of the photos — not much, really.

JaeJoong’s outfit here was seriously perfect *_* Good frontal view, good view from the side as well~ AH~

We had VIP tickets, and were at the 7th row~

JaeJoong was soooo adorable during this part. ^^ Idek why, but he was extra happy here~

YooChunnie was acting as an interpreter too. And JaeJoongie, being his adorbs self~ JunSu was… a bit quiet, during the interview@_@

ChunJae, ChunJae. LOL.

They were singing Chajatta here, and I just teared up during the perf *_* The Malaysian fans also prepared the project, and it was great that many participated in it and chanted~

Honest I can’t remember which perf this was — Be the One or Empty Remix /memory fail

BUT OMG YOOCHUN’S FOREHEADDDD *_* I don’t really like him with this kind of hairstyle, but ah, even his forehead is charming. Don’t ask.

They were performing Empty Remix, and around this time YooChun told everyone to stand up. So the fans at the VIP area rushed forward. We were jumping with the boys! LOL

JunSu’s energy is AMAZING. I can’t even explain. *_*

AND LOL JJ. I just noticed he tends to jump weirdly. I need to go look for fancams…

So well, after the last song, the boys waved goodbye and disappeared to the backstage (or so we thought). A lot of stuff happened after — the change of venue for the fansigning and photo op, going back to our hotel, having an encounter with the M staff, and then being grouped and ~detained~ in rooms til it was time for the photo op with the boys. (The fansigning did not push through). The only good thing that happened was having our photos taken with the boys, otherwise the experience after the showcase is something I don’t want to have to go through again, especially since I paid a lot for our tickets, and didn’t exactly get what we were supposed to; (Ranting shall be saved for another entry. Haha~)

I shall leave you with this —— our photo with the three boys. Supposedly there should be only a few fans but alas, we were cramped like this, and if you wouldn’t even notice the boys if it weren’t for YooChunnie’s very big, very shiny and attractive forehead.

I am not kidding — before the doors to the conference room were opened I was really angry, but once we were in, I looked up and saw YooChun’s gleaming forehead and then looked down and into his eyes — HE LOOKS AT EACH AND EVERYONE, making eye contact with those who enter one by one. I swear for a while I felt as if time slowed down, my insides felt light and queasy. Until the staff told us to “walk faster!” “run, run!” and totally ruined the moment. Anyway.

There were ahjussi’s/body guards/bouncers lined up in front of the boys, blocking the fans, so that we can only see the upper halves of their bodies. You’re probably wondering where they are in these shots right? Go look down, at our feet, and you’ll see extra legs, feet in leather shoes. Those are the ahjussi’s behind us. @_@ Seriously they even had the time to edit their heads out. PFT.

I totally hit jackpot after, because I was able to “give” JaeJoong my YunHo postcard, ALL THANKS TO MR. PARK YOOCHUN! Rofl. Okay, writing about that some other day~~ That’s it for now!

I’ve got so many pending entries! (Hey, I am officially an Ateneo graduate! And Katie’s also graduated from high school! More on those soon!)

In the mean time, I shall go and pack for Bangkok! ^^ Have a great day! ^-^

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