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Back for good (hopefully)

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It’s almost 5AM and I have yet to sleep! Honestly, I just want to at least be able to get this up before we have to leave for the day^^ Can you tell how excited I am to finally get CandySky up and running? There is so much to be done! And yes, the blog is separate now. When you go to it’s a portal — you can choose to go to my portfolio, the CandySky Shop or to this blog. I know, probably quite different from before, but it is currently my better option ^^

Yesterday, before going out I was able to make a TVXQ wallpaper, after quite some time. For the past couple of months, it’s either individual wallpapers or duo or trio ones. But this one is an exception~

Wallpaper: TVXQ – Under the same sky, believe in Forever. (1280x800px) Click for original size.

I saw this old photo I took of the sky and well, remembered the boys. So I made something simple out of it and one of their old group photos.

Whenever TVXQ comes up, I really just become sentimental. I love these five boys / men (lol) more than anything else in the world (save for God and my family) and what happened has been affecting me greatly. Despite everything, though, I’m still thankful because they’re doing well. No matter what they still are my source of happiness and inspiration. Okay I better stop before I start going down TVXQ memory lane!

Yesterday I was able to go out with my high school bestfriends, albeit only for a couple of hours. We had coffee and did a bit of catching up. I can’t believe our conversations involved work now! We are graduating from university in a less than a week, but honestly, I still hasn’t sunk in yet. Oh, maybe a few more weeks! It was also Cel’s 22nd birthday~ Another thing I can’t believe–we’re not getting any younger! Haha! I’m really just happy that even after all these years, I have them for support and love ^^ Hopefully we get to balance our time and still see each other often even if we have already found jobs!

Today — my younger sister Katie graduates from high school! So proud of her! Ceremony’s early this morning, and… I should be waking up the whole family now! Haha^^

So I guess I’ll have to end it here~ There are still so many things to be done for CandySky! I’ll get right on to it after our celebration dinner tonight!

Have a great day! 🙂

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