Rainy mornings

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Honestly, I do love the rain. I love how cold and cozy it becomes when it starts falling. I just don’t like how it can rain so hard all of a sudden — it always reminds me of Ondoy, and … Continued

Perfect Day

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As my days have been filled with the same old routine, I keep wondering what would make a perfect day? I thought of sunshine, a nice, cozy cafe somewhere in HongDae, a mug of hot mint chocolate, my laptop, art … Continued

Early mornings

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It’s already the first Monday of July~ Time surely passed by so quickly. More often than not I feel that 24 hours a day is too short 🙁 There is always so much left to do! Right now I am … Continued

Mornings like this…

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Today I fell asleep at 4am, and woke up at 9am. I need to work on sleeping earlier, really. ^^’ Did my usual routine, and part of it is checking if any of the boys updated their twitter. And I … Continued

Most favorite CF at the moment + sister love!

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Hello hello! An update ater 3 days? HAHA~ But, I couldn’t help it ^^ I think from now on I will be updating more often. : ) Blogging helps release stress a lot, and it’s nice to have all these … Continued