Hello again + September weekend in Seoul

I’ve attempted a lot of times in the past months? Years? But somehow it never got past the drafts. I haven’t published anything new for quite sometime now, and I personally feel regretful. It’s not that I didn’t have content … Continued

These days + musings

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Hello loves! How are you these days? ^^ I’m sorry for the lack of updates. These past several days, I haven’t had time to sit down and blog. I have been preparing for some major changes in the coming weeks … Continued


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I’ve never seen myself as a touchy person. Just normal, I guess. But ah, it just dawned on me how much I crave for that kind of affection (not necessarily romantic; ). Like, whenever I do get to hug anyone, … Continued

Don’t Forget

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I checked my phone and couldn’t believe we’ve already passed ten days of 2012! What is quick! I told myself I would love this blog more, and write every day, but I guess I got too caught up again and … Continued