How to go to JaeJoong’s Bum’s Story

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Hello~~ I am back with… A map and directions on how to go to Mr. Kim JaeJoong’s Bum’s Story. : D Plus a little bit of fanaccount when I went there with friends last month ^^ Actually, I made this … Continued

Favorite: Ottugi’s Cheese Bokki!

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Hi! How have you guys been?  I just came back from vacation! (Okay maybe not “just came back” because it has been a week but… lol) Anyway, I felt like writing about one of my favorite Korean snacks, the Cheese … Continued

[사진] Photo Dump #2 (+a bit of RL)

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I planned on writing at least once a day, but I ended up putting it off for the next day, until it’s already been over a week since my last post. How could time pass by so fast? And how … Continued