Photoshop: Coloring Tutorial #06: Sunglow + EXO-M, SHINee, Song JoongKi, Kim JaeJoong Wallpapers

Hello! I come with a new Coloring Tutorial! *throws confetti* I know I missed another Wednesday Wallies post… But I hope this new tutorial makes up for that! ^^;; (A bunch of desktop and iPhone WPs in this post!!!) Ah… … Continued

Photoshop: Coloring Tutorial #05: Uncommitted + TVXQ JYJ Lee YeonHee G-Dragon iPhone Wallpapers

I have to admit, I have been feeling quite blue lately… Been trying to distract myself by trying to do happy things, but it doesn’t seem to work, and external factors just keep adding to the not-so-good feeling : ( … Continued

Photoshop: Coloring Tutorial #02: Bluewash + EXO-K/ChanYeol, MyungSoo, T.O.P iPhone Wallpapers

Back with another tutorial! ^^ And hi, yes, yes that’s one of the Gummy Bears Shoot A Naughty Moose boys. (If you listen to Mama, it sounds like that) LOL : D  Say hi to cute kids, EXO-K. Okay I … Continued

Photoshop: Coloring Tutorial #01: Vintage + BIGBANG iPhone Wallpapers

I remembered I’ve had this on my dA since 2009, and since I no longer update my account there as much as I’d used to, I think sharing the tutorials I have here would be good, right? ^^ MyeongDong Spring … Continued