Review: Hongdae Guesthouse

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This week I’ve challenged myself to writing at least one entry per day! : ) I hope I really get to do this! Haha ^^ I come with a review of my favorite guesthouse/hostel in Seoul, HONGDAE GUESTHOUSE! ^-^ This … Continued

Sometimes I wish I could turn back time

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I may or may not have spent the past year wishing I was back in Seoul, in the lively/cozy streets of HongDae. Okay “cozy” might be a weird word to describe HongDae, but I’m saying this because that’s how I … Continued

TVXQ’s Places

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So there was a time when my parents asked me, “What would you like to do after you graduate?” And then what flashed before my eyes were an art school, and the front steps of YooChun’s house. Say hello to … Continued