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Hi Guys! This I’m back with yet another post!~

For this swatch, I used LA Colors’ Sea Siren & Treasure Island.

Sea Siren (NP433) is basically solid teal but with a faint shimmer.

While Treasure Island (NP444) is a glitter lacquer with a slight sanding effect (Rough surface). 

For this post, I won’t bother focusing on the brand since if you can recall, I’ve already made a review about another LA Colors Lacquer just recently.

Instead, this post is going to be somewhat of a tutorial on applying Glitter Nail Polish 8D


1. Base Color: Sea Siren

2. Glitter Laqcuer: Treasure Island

1st Coat 

2nd Coat


*Glitter Guidelines:

(Roughly applies to different kinds of Glitter Lacquer, specifically translucent/ non-solid ones)

Now using this kind of glitter nail polish is kind of tricky.

This counts with any nail polish out there, how the lacquer looks like inside the bottle won’t really be the same as when you apply it to your nails.

Here are some ways to efficiently apply this kind of lacquer;;

1. If you use it alone, you might need to apply at least three or more coats to reach a semblance of a solid color (no spaces).

    • NOTE: It can’t be completely solid because it’s primarily translucent.
    • TIP: Try to wait for an hour or two (or even better, days) to make sure that each layer has completely dried before applying new layers in order to avoid chunking.

2. If you’re uncomfortable with having too many layers on or if you’re on a hurry, it’s better to apply a base color first before applying 1-3 layers of the glitter lacquer.

  • TIP: Find a base color that’s most similar to the hue of your glitter polish. The base color you choose can greatly alter the result color of your polish.
  • GENERAL TIP: When applying, one layer means one dip. As much as possible, avoid  multiple dipping, allow all the glitter on the brush to be transferred to your nail by brushing it over & over.

^ Blurred Flash photo ><.
I swear it looks better under natural sunlight *A*


*Obligatory Photo Spam:


I made this post since I myself used to have a slight difficulty with (and animosity towards) glitter lacquer especially when they’re the translucent kind. ><

However, if you know how to apply your glitter nail polish right, then you won’t have to  avoid and miss out on it.


P.S. Can you guess what’s Queued for next Friday?


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