005 Pixie Dust (Teal)

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Yes, I am back with another Nail Art Tutorial 8D

And as you can remember, my last post was all about Glitter Lacquer.

In reference to that, I’ve made  this Nail art, a prime example of what you can do with glitter polish. (Given than you know the right techniques ;D)

This time it’s

Pixie Dust Teal

Mainly because it looks like I dipped my fingers in a pot of Pixie Dust ><

 (I took lots of pictures of this but most of it are now lost (RIP to my iPod Touch==;))

My sister and I went to the mall the other month and grabbed a bunch of LA Colors’  nail polish line “Color Craze”. I’ll admit, I wasn’t really into the thought of having glittery tips but when I saw these colors, I knew I just had to try them out.

(Warning: Image-heavy post)


*Nail Polish Used:

  • Base Coat: Nature Republic Base Coat
  • Base Color: LA Colors Sea Siren #CNP433 (Teal Shimmer)
  • Base Glitter: LA Colors Treasure Island # CNP444 (Teal Glitter)
  • Tip/ Gradient Color LA Colors Purple/Blue Glitter CNP447 Jewel Tone
  • Top Coat: Etude Jelly Pop Top Coat


* Be sure to read the “Glitter Guidelines” first found HERE

(*Note the difference in hues in the pictures are caused by the different light intensities it was taken in) 


Step 1. Apply Base Coat


Step 2. Apply Base Color

  •  One coat would be enough.

Step 3. Apply Glitter Lacquer

1st Coat

2nd Coat

  •  2-3 Three coats

Step 4. Tip/ Glitter Gradient

  • Starting at the middle of you nail bed, apply one coat and without dipping again, paint over 2/3 of the first coat. Repeat until you reach the tip of your nail.

  • It’s okay to have a 2nd coat/dip.

Step 5. Apply your Top Coat



And because we all know I like to spam…..

*More Photos:

Under Natural Light:

Under Flash:

Under Sun Light:

And because I am shameless ><


I had this nail art during the start of summer and it is just perfect for the season. Every time I look at it under the sun, it looks so sparkly and mesmerizing *A*

What I really like about this line is that it has hardeners. The lacquer really lasted more than two weeks with minimal to no chipping.

If you by chance find LA Colors’ “Color Craze” line anywhere, I definitely recommend for you to try it out. ^^

Be sure to check out other posts & come back every friday for new posts!

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