{REVIEW} LA Colors “Color Craze” Magnetic Force

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This is probably one of my favorites from LA Colors‘  nail polish line “Color Craze”.

This one is called ‘Magnetic Force‘ (CNP415)

It’s pink/salmon and turns into gold when hit by light.

As soon as I saw it, I knew I just had to buy it.

It’s in my favorite color and it has this nice shimmery/two-tone effect too.




Here are some reference shots;

*One Coat

It wasn't as watery as I thought it would be 8D 
One coat could probably be enough if applied with right brush stokes.

*Two Coats

*Three Coats



  • It looks stunning under the sunlight or in right lighting.
  • And the brush is okay, no visible stokes after applying and fairly easy to control.
  • This lacquer lasted pretty long too. I had this on for almost two weeks with minimal chipping.


  • Easily gets ‘chunky’: remember to give each layer/coat time to dry up before applying another layer!

Magnetic Force is definitely a recommended buy

(and well, so are the rest of LA Colors’ “Color Craze Line”. Check out their official site here!)

Stay in tune for more Reviews and tutorials!

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