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Finally back with a new post ^^

This was actually queued for last week but then my MacBook suddenly went on coma (it’s fixed now of course!) and I couldn’t post this without being edited >___<

Well anyway, onto the post!


I’ve been tending to my nails ever since I was in fifth grade. (And to think I’m in my 2nd year of college now o___o;;)

And believe it or not I almost never have my nails done in salons or spas (pedicures are okay though) because I don’t like it when they mess with my nail shape and what not ><;;

I’ve always done the nail art on my nails myself and so, I’ve discovered tools that I probably cannot go without when making nail art.


Now what are the Nail Art Essentials that one always must have?

1.   Nail Polish Remover & Cotton

  • Now these two always come together. Obviously, they’re important especially for clearing up mistakes with your nail art.

    • TIP: Cotton swabs are perfect for quick clean ups!

2.   Nail Base Coat

  • I know people usually skip using base coat but I personally think it’s important. Not only does it help strengthen your nails, but it somewhat  also helps in blocking those lacquers that cause your nail to discolor (i.e. turn yellow-ish) 
  • Okay, so maybe it doesn’t completely prevent discoloration but it does help lessen it to some extent.
  • It also helps in evening out the natural ridges on our nails.

3.   Glossy Top Coat

  • Some times people don’t bother applying top coat just because their nail polish is already shiny to start with but putting on top coat actually has its benefits.

    • It’s an extra layer that prolongs the life of your nail art and protects it from chipping.
    • It smoothens out your nail art if it’s a bit chunky or has some minor mistakes  and scratches.
    • It actually does enhance the appearance of your nail art.
    • TIP: be careful with the kind of Top Coat you use! Tinted topcoats really affect the color of your lacquer.

4.   Matte Top Coat

  • Okay so a matte top coat also has benefits like that of Glossy top coat.

  • Having a matte top coat is DEFINITELY a must.
  • Since it’s more common for nail polish to be initially glossy than matte, scouting and buying matte(-colored) nail polish wouldn’t be necessary if you a had a matte top coat since a it  basically turns all your glossy nail polish into matte 8D

5.   Brushes & Dotters

  • Most nail polishes come with brushes. But sometimes, even if the lacquer’s great, the quality of the brush just won’t do.


  • It’s always good to have nail art brushes lying around. They come in various sizes and do great with details.
  • Usually there are nail art brush sets available in any nail art store (but I personally find them too pricy (and they’re not always great in terms of quality either :| ) )
  • TIP: Since I do acrylic & watercolor painting, I often end up using my painting brushes for nail art >< I honestly love watercolor brushes(they usually come in orange/brown tips ;D) because they’re soft/thin bristled but are really easy to control ><


  • Dotters are a bit hard to control at first and they don’t really work well with thickened lacquer but after some practice, it can become really useful for patterns & details.


There are obviously more Nail Art tools out there but in my opinion these five can be the most useful. Plus, what’s nice is that these tools are affordable and are readily available (if you know where to look ;D). 

Well, I hope these help you in making your next nail art!~


P.S. Here’s a preview for the next post:


Don’t forget to check back okay?

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~Kate Yoo

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  • Piel Marie Aguilar

    Kate! Now I know where to look for tutorials from someone whose nail arts I’ve seen in person.:D

    • KateYoo

      Thank You Piel <3 8D

  • http://www.salonsofut.com Slyvia Blouin

    I haven’t checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting stale, but the last handful of posts are really interesting so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend. :)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/quionzaqxswcde Ren Quion

    Where did you buy your Matte Top Coat? :)

    • http://candy-sky.com/lacquerlust KateYoo

      We buy our top coat from Etude House :) They run out of stocks fast though so you need to keep on checking.

    • kateyoo

      I buy them from Etude house ^^ But they usually run out of stocks fast though;;;

      • http://www.facebook.com/quionzaqxswcde Ren Quion

        I also went to Etude House but, as you said, they ran out of them already. Haha. Still, thank you!