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Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posts for the past months =___= I guess I’ve been a bit too busy adjusting to college life and all. orz

It’s been a year since I started this blog and I really ought to have more posts ><


I’ve been trying out different kinds of nail art for the past few months (yay for freedom \o/ -since we weren’t allowed to wear lacquer in high school back then) & took photos of them but I just never got around to post any ==;

Since this is my comeback post, I’m going to compensate by posting lots of photos 8D

(Be warned; Image-Heavy Post)

Now I came to creating this nail art as I was practicing how to make proper gradients.


Tutorial on how to make Gradients (post coming soon ^^)


*Nail Polish Used:

  • Base Coat: EtudeHouse’s Base Coat
  • 4th Color: Sinful Colors Pink
  • 3rd Color: FaceShop Face is Shimmer Pink
  • 2nd Color: FaceShop Shimmer Pink
  • 1st Color: Wild & Shine Glitter/Galaxy Purple
  • FaceShop’s Top Coat
  • Etude’s Jelly Pop Top Coat
  • Etude’s Matte Real Top Coat

 (Shall post the specific codes sometime soon ><)



1. Base Coat

    • NOTE: Since we’re using 4 different colors for this gradient, it won’t be wise to have too many layers overlapping.

2. Apply the 1st color to the farther end of your nail

Love the effect this lacquer creates so much huhu *A*

3. Apply the 2nd  color to the middle of your nail 

4. Apply the 3rd  color to the middle of your nail 

5. Apply the 4th & last color to the tip/edge of your nail 

5.5 Darken 1st color (You can make it dark from the start^^)

? Progressive Shots

Messy progressive Shots =__=;;

*End Result (Without top coat)

6. Apply top coat

Glossy Top Coat

  • Initially, I applied the usual glossy top coat on this nail art in order to accentuate the shimmery-ness of the lacquers used. 

*Matte Top Coat

  • But after trying out the matte top coat on one of my nails, I ended up making everything matte (on my right hand) *A*. It might sound weird but applying matte coat over shimmery polish actually looks good. 
And somehow, the matte top coat causes the surface to appear smoother (thus, less messy looking).


Since it looked so good in either top coats, I ended up using both XD

*Matte vs Glossy:


My nails were somewhat short when I applied this nail art and since my nails grow quite fast, after a week there were already (obvious) spaces at the farther (purple) end of my nails. But since I loved this look too much and didn’t have the heart to remove it so soon, I re-applied lacquer to the edges ><.


Remember, a few tweaks when restoring/retouching can make a big difference.

Well, here ends my image-heavy comeback post. Hope this inspires you guys ^^

Please do comment & watch out for more posts~

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    Nice one, Kate!! This is great teehee
    Will see more of these personally ;)

    • KateYoo

      Thank you Patricia <3

  • Sparkle Sparkle

    I loved it when you did this nail art to your nails before!! :) Hoping you do more of your crazy & colorful nail arts this school year hihi <3

    • KateYoo

      Thank Yoo Cookie~ Huhu we should have a sleep over again where we can actually do each other’s nails ><

  • irem

    i love !! it’s so beautiful