NOTW: Sparkles & Teal

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After being stuck with gel nails for almost a month, I was sooooo ecstatic when I finally finished removing it from my nails. Mind you, it took me an hour to get rid of the gel, and my nails weren’t … Continued

Until the Sun Rises

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I don’t know why, but JaeJoong gives me inspiration at the most random of times. His latest spread on Elle Korea. The song that he composed/wrote for a junior, Baek SeungHyun. Put these together and OMFG I was in front … Continued

Wednesday Wallies: Classicelle + Coloride

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Why, guess who’s back? Haha : D I know, I missed the whole month of October, huh? >< I am going to try my hardest not to miss another Wednesday after this week! ^^ WW11 – Classicelle The first WW … Continued

A few hello’s + 2012 10 04-05 Oregon Zoo + Multnomah Falls

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Well hello! IT’S NOVEMBER! Can you say “fast”? I swear it’s like we skipped October… Okay maybe with me updating. I am so sorry for neglecting this blog! I had so much planned out for October that I didn’t get … Continued

Don’t you worry, we’ll all float on

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Hi : ) I know I went missing since that last Wednesday Wallies post. Things got crazy, and my flight date got nearer and nearer that I drowned in last-minute preparations (packing + shopping for necessities etc). It’s been a … Continued