What have I been up to?

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Five photos. I checked my memory card and it consisted of over-exposed photos of the sky, photos of my nephew, my camwhoring photos, and a teensy bit of other things. These five photos above are part of the ~other things~. … Continued

Wednesday Wallies: Hello There, 2013 + Beach-y Tribal Patterns

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Happy New Year everyone! I am a day (or two) late, depending on where you are, but stiiiiilll! We are just two days into 2013~ I am excited! ^^ One of my new year’s resolutions is to post regularly, like, … Continued

These days 02

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Can you believe there’s only two weeks left til 2013? I MEAN WHAT THE HELL where did the 2012 go? Haha. I feel like I’m breezing through the days. I’m still in Los Angeles, and I love the weather (except … Continued

NOTW: Sparkles & Teal

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After being stuck with gel nails for almost a month, I was sooooo ecstatic when I finally finished removing it from my nails. Mind you, it took me an hour to get rid of the gel, and my nails weren’t … Continued

Until the Sun Rises

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I don’t know why, but JaeJoong gives me inspiration at the most random of times. His latest spread on Elle Korea. The song that he composed/wrote for a junior, Baek SeungHyun. Put these together and OMFG I was in front … Continued