#CandySkyinSeoul2010: TIMEOUT GELATO: 1/5 – 2010 10 21

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Good morning! ^^ It’s almost 2AM and again, I have yet to go to bed. Haha. Slowly, body clock! I will get you back on track! Haha ^^ So a couple of nights ago, I was ~reminiscing~ about our 12-day … Continued

JaeChunSu, Jeju and the unfair treatment by KBS

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In line with what @mjjeje tweeted, I made a new Twitter icon for myself *_* This is HyeopJae Beach in Jeju~ ^^ For those who aren’t aware, a couple of months back, our JaeJoong, YooChun and JunSu were appointed by … Continued

First day of Korean Language Class

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Yesterday I attended the first meeting for the Basic Korean Language Class that I signed up for weeks ago. It’s offered by the Korean Cultural Center here in the Philippines for free, and you only have to pay PHP 500 … Continued

Rainy mornings

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Honestly, I do love the rain. I love how cold and cozy it becomes when it starts falling. I just don’t like how it can rain so hard all of a sudden — it always reminds me of Ondoy, and … Continued